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44:1  H. M. (Ha. Mim.)
44:2  By the clear (and clarifying) book.
44:3  Indeed, We revealed it in a blessed night, indeed We are warners.
44:4  Every wise command is made distinct (and well defined) in it,
44:5  a command from Us. Indeed, We are the senders.
44:6  A mercy from your Lord. Indeed He hears all, knows all.
44:7  The Lord of the skies and the earth and whatever is between them, if you are certain.
44:8  There is no god except Him, He gives life and causes death, your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers.
44:9  No, but they play around in doubt.
44:10  So, expect the day when the sky brings a visible smoke,
44:11  covering people. This is a painful punishment.
44:12  Our Lord, remove the punishment from us, indeed we are believers.
44:13  How is the reminder (of any use) for them, while a clarifying messenger has come to them
44:14  and they turned away from him and they said: “A mad man taught (by others).”?
44:15  We remove the punishment a little, (and) surely you will return (to disbelief).
44:16  On the day when We assault with the great assault, indeed We take revenge.
44:17  And We have certainly tested people of Pharaoh before them, and a noble messenger came to them
44:18  (Saying:) “Deliver God’s servants to me, I am an honest messenger for you,
44:19  and do not consider yourselves higher than God, indeed I brought you clear reason.
44:20  And indeed, I seek protection of my Lord and your Lord, that you do not stone me.
44:21  And if you do not believe me then stay away from me.”
44:22  Then he (Moses) called on his Lord: “Indeed these are guilty people.”
44:23  (God told Moses:) “So travel with My servants by night, indeed you will be followed,
44:24  and leave the sea calmly, indeed they will be a drowned army.”
44:25  How many gardens and springs did they leave behind,
44:26  and plantations and superb places,
44:27  and riches that they were happy in them?
44:28  It was like that, and We made other people inherit it.
44:29  And the skies and the earth did not cry over them, and they were not given any delays.
44:30  And We have certainly saved the children of Israel from the humiliating punishment
44:31  of Pharaoh. He was indeed foremost among the excessive ones.
44:32  And We certainly chose them (children of Israel) knowingly above all other people.
44:33  And We gave them the signs, that in which there was a clear test.
44:34  Indeed these (people) say:
44:35  “There is only our first death, and we will not be raised (again),
44:36  so, bring (back) our fathers if you are truthful.”
44:37  Are they better or people of Tubba (a Yemenite dynasty) and those before them? We destroyed them, indeed they were guilty.
44:38  And We did not create the skies and the earth and whatever is between them to play around.
44:39  We did not create them except with the truth (and purpose), but most of them do not know.
44:40  Indeed, the day of separation/decision is the appointment for all of them.
44:41  The day when a friend is not of any use to any friend at all, and they will not be helped,
44:42  except whomever God has mercy (on him). He is indeed the powerful, the merciful.
44:43  Indeed, the Zaqqum tree,
44:44  is food of the sinful.
44:45  It boils in the stomachs like melted metal (or burning oil),
44:46  like boiling of the boiling water.
44:47  Take him and drag him into the middle of the hellfire.
44:48  Then pour over his head from punishment of the boiling water.
44:49  (He will be told:) taste (the punishment), indeed you (thought you) are the powerful and the noble!
44:50  Indeed, this is what you used to doubt about it.
44:51  Those who are cautious (of God) will be in a safe place,
44:52  in gardens and springs.
44:53  They wear (clothes) of fine and heavy silk, facing each other.
44:54  It is like that. And We marry them to beautiful (spouses) with gorgeous eyes.
44:55  They call for every (kind of) fruit in there safely.
44:56  They do not taste death in there except the first death, and He has protected them from punishment of the hellfire.
44:57  A bounty (and a grace) from your Lord. That is the great victory.
44:58  Indeed, We made it (Quran) easy in your language so that they may take notice.
44:59  So, watch; indeed they are watching (too).