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44:1  HM
44:2  And the clarifying Book
44:3  We have sent it down in a blessed night. Surely, We were to warn
44:4  In it, is a decree for every matter of wisdom
44:5  A decree from Us. Surely, We were to send messengers
44:6  A mercy from your Lord. He is the Hearer, the Knowledgeable
44:7  The Lord of the heavens and the earth, and everything between them. If you were certain
44:8  There is no god except He. He gives life and causes death; your Lord and the Lord of your ancestors
44:9  No; they are in doubt, playing
44:10  Therefore, watch for the day when the heaven will bring a visible smoke
44:11  It will envelop the people: "This is a painful retribution!
44:12  "Our Lord, remove the retribution from us; we are believers.
44:13  How is it that now they remember, while a clarifying messenger had come to them
44:14  But then, they turned away from him and said: "Clearly educated, but crazy!
44:15  We will remove the retribution in a while; you will then return back
44:16  On the Day We strike the great strike, We will avenge
44:17  And We had tested before them the people of Pharaoh, and an honorable messenger came to them
44:18  "Restore to me the servants of God. I am a trustworthy messenger to you.
44:19  "And, do not transgress against God. I come to you with clear authority.
44:20  "And I seek refuge with my Lord and your Lord, should you stone me.
44:21  "And if you do not believe in me, then have no dealing with me.
44:22  Subsequently, he called on his Lord: "These are a criminal people.
44:23  You shall travel with My servants during the night; you will be pursued
44:24  And cross the sea quickly; their troops will be drowned
44:25  How many gardens and springs did they leave behind
44:26  And crops and an honorable station
44:27  And blessings that they enjoyed
44:28  Thus it was; and We caused another people to inherit it
44:29  Neither the heaven, nor the earth wept over them, and they were not respited
44:30  And We saved the Children of Israel from the humiliating agony
44:31  From Pharaoh; he was a transgressing tyrant
44:32  And We have chosen them, out of knowledge, over the worlds
44:33  And We granted them signs, which constituted a great test
44:34  These people now are saying:
44:35  "There is nothing except our first death; and we will never be resurrected!
44:36  "So bring back our forefathers, if you are truthful!
44:37  Are they better or the people of Tubba` and those before them? We destroyed them, they were criminals
44:38  And We have not created the heavens and the earth, and everything between them, for mere play
44:39  We did not create them except with the truth, but most of them do not know
44:40  Surely, the Day of Separation is the appointment for them all
44:41  That is the Day when no friend can help his friend in any way; nor will they be helped
44:42  Except him on whom God has mercy. He is the Noble, the Merciful
44:43  Surely, the tree of Bitterness
44:44  Will be the food for the sinful
44:45  Like hot oil, it will boil in the bellies
44:46  Like the boiling of liquid
44:47  "Take him and throw him into the midst of Hell.
44:48  "Then pour upon his head the retribution of boiling liquid.
44:49  "Taste this; surely you are the noble, the generous!
44:50  Surely, this is what you used to doubt
44:51  The righteous will be in a station of security
44:52  Among gardens and springs
44:53  Wearing silk and satin; facing each other
44:54  So it is, and We married them to wonderful companions
44:55  They enjoy in it all kinds of fruits, in perfect peace
44:56  They do not taste death therein except for the first death, and He has spared them the retribution of Hell
44:57  As a blessing from your Lord. Such is the great triumph
44:58  We have thus made it easy in your language, perhaps they may take heed
44:59  Therefore, watch; for they too will be watching