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44:1  H M
44:2  And The Book , the clear/evident
44:3  That We, We descended it in a blessed night, that We, We were warners/givers of notice
44:4  In it every/each wise/judicious matter/affair is separated
44:5  A matter/affair/order/command from at Us, that We were senders/sending
44:6  Mercy from your Lord that He truly is the hearing/listening, the knowledgeable
44:7  The skies'/space's and the earth's/Planet Earth's Lord and what (is) between them (B), if you were sure/certain
44:8  (There is) no God except Him, He revives/makes alive, and He makes die, your Lord and your fathers'/forefathers', the first's/beginners' Lord
44:9  But they are in doubt/suspicion playing/amusing
44:10  So observe/lie in wait, a day/time the sky/space comes with clear/evident smoke/fumes
44:11  It covers/afflicts the people, that is a painful torture
44:12  (They say): "Our Lord remove/uncover (relieve) from us the torture, that we are believing."
44:13  From where/how the remembrance/reminder be for them, and a clear/evident messenger had come to them
44:14  Then they turned away from Him and they said: "Taught/instructed/informed, mad/insane."
44:15  That We (are) removing/uncovering (relieving) the torture little, that you truly are returning
44:16  A day/time We violently destroy the violent attack , the greatest/biggest , that We truly are revenging/punishing
44:17  And We had tested/allured Pharaoh's nation before them, and an honoured/generous messenger came to them
44:18  That (E) discharge/fulfill (give/pay) to me God's worshippers/slaves , that I am for you a faithful/loyal messenger
44:19  And that (E) do not become high, mighty and dignified on God, that I am coming to you with a clear/evident proof/evidence
44:20  And that I, I seeked protection with my Lord and your Lord, that (E) you stone me
44:21  And if you do not believe to me, so separate/isolate yourselves from me
44:22  So he called his Lord: "That (E) those (are) a nation (of) criminals/sinners ."
44:23  So you go/move with My worshippers/slaves at night, that you are being followed
44:24  And leave the sea/ocean strolling/walking slowly , that they truly are drowning/sinking soldiers/warriors
44:25  How many/much they left (behind) from treed gardens and water springs/wells
44:26  And plants/crops and an honoured/generous position/status
44:27  And blessing/goodness they were in it joyful (eating fruit)
44:28  Like that, and We made it be inherited (by) a nation (of) others
44:29  So the sky/space and the earth/Planet Earth did not weep (sadden) on them, and they were not given time/delayed
44:30  And We had saved/rescued Israel's sons and daughters from the torture the humiliating/disgracing
44:31  From Pharaoh, that he truly was high and mighty from the wasters/extravagators
44:32  And We had chosen them on knowledge over the creations all together/(universes)
44:33  And We gave/brought them from the verses/evidences what is in it a clear/evident test
44:34  That truly those say (E)
44:35  That truly it is except our death/lifelessness the first/beginning, and we are not with being revived/resurrected
44:36  So come with our fathers/forefathers if you were truthful
44:37  Are they better or a nation of Tuba (could be from Yemen)/shade and those from before them? We made them die/destroyed them , that they truly were criminals/sinners
44:38  And We did not create the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth and what (is) between them (B) playing/amusing
44:39  We did not create them (B) except with the truth , and but most of them do not know
44:40  That truly the Judgment Day/Resurrection Day (is) their appointed time all/all together
44:41  A day/time (a) master/ally does not enrich/suffice (replace) from (a) master/ally a thing, and nor they be given victory/aid
44:42  Except whom God had mercy upon (him), that He truly, He is the glorious/mighty , the merciful
44:43  That truly the deadly food's tree
44:44  (Is) the sinner's/criminal's food/feeding
44:45  As/like the dead's pus/melted metals , (it) boils in the bellies/insides
44:46  As the hot water's/red hot coal's boiling
44:47  Take/punish him so pull or drag him violently to the Hell's middle
44:48  Then pour from above his head the hot water's/red hot coal's torture
44:49  Taste/experience, that you are, you are the glorious/mighty , the honored/generous
44:50  That truly that (is) what you were with it doubting/arguing
44:51  That truly the fearing and obeying (are) in a secure/safe position/status
44:52  In treed gardens/paradises and water springs/wells
44:53  They dress from sarcenet (a certain type of silk or brocade), and brocade (silk and gold fabric), facing each other
44:54  As/like that, and We got them married with (spouses of) eyes with intense blackness of pupils and whiteness (beautifully contrasted)
44:55  They call in it with all fruits safe/secure
44:56  They do not taste/experience in it the death/lifelessness except the first death, and He protected them (from) the Hell's torture
44:57  Grace/favour from you Lord, that (is) the success/triumph , the great
44:58  So We eased it/We made it flexible with your tongue/language, maybe/perhaps they mention/remember
44:59  So observe/lie in wait , that they truly are observing/being made to observ