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36:1  Ya Sin - O perfect man (Muhammad)
36:2  I call to witness the perfect Qur'an full of (convincing proofs and) wisdom
36:3  (That) you are indeed one of the Messengers
36:4  (Standing) on the right and straight path
36:5  (This Qur'an is) a great revelation sent by the All-Mighty (and) the Ever Merciful (God)
36:6  So that you may warn the people who are ignorant because their forefathers have not been warned (for a long time)
36:7  Surely, most of them merit the sentence of Our punishment for they would not believe
36:8  Surely, We have put shackles (of customs and prejudices) round their necks and they are (reaching right) up to their chins, so that they have become stiff-necked (due to their pride and false notions of superiority)
36:9  And We have placed barriers (of their stubbornness rendering them unable to look forward to the bright future of Islam and rise to eminence by accepting it) in front of them, and barriers (of their prejudices) behind them (thus rendering them unable to look back at the doom of those who rejected the truth in the past). Thus We have kept them behind the veil so that they cannot see (so have become totally devoid of spiritual light)
36:10  And it is all the same to them whether you warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe (for they have deliberately shut their eyes and ears to the truth)
36:11  You can warn only those who would follow the Reminder (- the Qur'an) and are full of reverential awe of the Most Gracious (God) in the heart of their hearts. Therefore proclaim to them the glad tidings of protection (from the evil consequences of sins) and an honorable provision (from Us)
36:12  Surely, it is We alone Who raise the dead to life. And We shall preserve (their noble deeds) which they send forward and their prints (of virtue and knowledge which they leave behind for others to emulate). Every thing We have comprehensively preserved in a clear record
36:13  And set forth to them for their good a parable of a people of the town when the Messengers (of God) came to them
36:14  (At first) We sent to them two (Messengers, Moses and Jesus) but they cried lies to them. Then We strengthened (Our Apostles) with a third (- the Prophet Muhammad by fulfilling in his person their prophecies about his advent). So they said, (as a general Message to the people), `We have been sent to you (as Messengers by God).
36:15  They (- the contemporaries of the Messengers) gave (a general) reply, `You are only human beings like ourselves. The Most Gracious (God) has revealed nothing (to you). You are simply telling lies.
36:16  They said, `Our Lord knows that we have been, of course, sent to you
36:17  `And our duty is only to convey (the Message) in clear terms.
36:18  They (- the people of the town) said, `We augur ill from you (for we are always seize with one calamity or the other after your advent). If you do not give it (- your preaching) over we will certainly excommunicate you and a painful punishment shall befall you at our hands.
36:19  They said, `Your ills are of your own making. (Do you say all this) because you have been admonished? Nay, but the real thing is you are a pack of transgressors.
36:20  Now, there came a man running from the farthest end of the town. He said, `O my people! follow the Messengers
36:21  `Follow those who ask no reward from you and who are following the right path
36:22  `What reason have I not to worship Him Who has created me, and to Whom you all shall be brought back
36:23  `Shall I take apart from Him others as gods whose intercession, if the Most Gracious (God) should decide to do me some harm, will be of no avail to me, nor will they be able (even) to rescue me (from that harm)
36:24  `Surely, in case (I do anything of the kind) I should be (falling) in (to) a clear error
36:25  `I have believed in your (true) Lord, therefore listen to me.
36:26  It was said (to him by God), `Enter Paradise (while you are still living).' He said, `O, would that my people knew
36:27  `For what reason has my Lord granted me protection (from pitfalls in this life) and included me among the honoured (servants of His)!
36:28  We sent no contingent (of force) from heaven, against his people (to destroy them), after that (he has believed) nor do We ever command (any of such things)
36:29  It was just a single blast and behold! they were all (extinct) like a (spark of) fire extinguished
36:30  Alas for (My) servants! not a single Messenger comes to (reform) them but they treat him lightly
36:31  Have they not seen how many generations We have ruined before them, and that those (generations) never come back to them (after their ruination)
36:32  Indeed, they, one and all, shall most certainly, be brought before Us
36:33  The dead earth which We bring to life and from which We bring forth (a large variety of) grains, of which they eat, is an important sign for them
36:34  And We have made to grow there on (the earth) gardens of date-palms and vine, and We have caused springs to gush forth from it
36:35  So that they may enjoy its fruit and (enjoy) that which their hands have worked for. Will they then render (Us) no thanks (and follow Our guidance)
36:36  Glory be to Him Who has created pairs of all type of the thing that the earth grows and of their own species and of the things yet unknown to them
36:37  The night from which We strip off (the last vestige) of the day, so that (afterwards) they are left in pitch darkness, is a (great) sign for them
36:38  And the sun is moving (on its ordained course) towards the goal determined for it. That is the determining of the All-Mighty, the Possessor of perfect knowledge
36:39  And (think over the phase of) the moon, We have determined its various mansions, so that (after traversing these mansions) it returns (to the stage when it appears) like an old dry twig of a palm-tree
36:40  It is not given to the sun to attain to (the purpose ordained for) the moon, nor is it given to the night to outstrip the day. All of these (luminaries) go on floating smoothly in an orbit (of their own)
36:41  And it is a sign for these people that We carry their children in the fully laden ships
36:42  And We will make for them other (means of transport) such things as they will board
36:43  If We (so) willed, We would drown them, then they would have no (one to) succour (them), nor would they be rescued
36:44  It is only through mercy from Us (that We save them) and (let them have) an enjoyment of worldly gains for a while
36:45  And when it is said to them, `Guard yourself against that (punishment) which is (impending) before you and that which is behind you (and may befall you as a consequence of your evil past) so that you may be shown mercy (they turn away).
36:46  There never comes to them a Message from the Messages of their Lord but they always turn away from it
36:47  And when it is said to them, `Spend out of that which Allah has provided for you,' those who disbelieve say to those who believe, `Shall we feed those whom, if Allah so will, He could feed? You are only steeped in obvious error.
36:48  They (also) say, `(Tell us) if indeed you are truthful when this warning (about punishment) shall come to pass.
36:49  They are (thus) only waiting for one sudden onslaught of calamity which will overtake them while they are yet disputing (about it) among themselves
36:50  And so (sudden will be their end) that they will not be able to leave instructions about their affairs nor to their own people will they return
36:51  And the trumpet shall be blown, and behold! (rising) from their graves they will hasten on to their Lord
36:52  They will say (to one an other), `O woe be on us! Who has aroused us from our sleeping place?' `This is the same thing as the Most Gracious (God) had promised and the Messengers (of God) did indeed speak the truth' (will be the reply they receive)
36:53  It will only be a single blast, and behold! they shall all be brought before Us
36:54  So on this Day no injustice whatsoever shall be done to any soul. You shall reap the fruit of your deeds
36:55  On this Day, the owners of Paradise will be occupied (in their pursuits), rejoicing
36:56  They and their companions will be in (pleasant) shades, reclining on raised couches
36:57  Therein they shall have fruits, and they will have all that they ask for
36:58  `Peace (be upon you)' (shall be) the word (of greeting to them) from the Ever Merciful Lord
36:59  And (it will be said to the sinners), `O guilty ones! remain apart (as distinguished from the righteous) this day
36:60  `O Children of Adam! did I not enjoin on you never to worship satan, for he is to you an enemy severing (your) ties (with Me)
36:61  `And (did I not charge you) to worship Me, (for) this is the straight and right path
36:62  `Yet he (- satan) has certainly led astray a number of people from among you. Why do you not even then make use of your understanding (so as to rectify your error)
36:63  `This is the Gehenna you were warned against
36:64  `Enter it this day, because of your disbelief.
36:65  On that day We shall seal the mouths of these (disbelievers). Their hands will speak to Us (about the actions they wrought), and their feet shall bear witness to all their (sinful) doings
36:66  If We had (so) willed, We could certainly have deprived these (disbelievers) of their eyesight so that they would have gone ahead on their path (unseeing). But, how should they find (the path) now (in this state of their blindness)
36:67  If We had (so) willed, We could have surely destroyed them where they were, so that they would not be able to move forward nor turn back
36:68  We reverse the mechanism of the person to whom We grant (extraordinary) long life by making the state of his constitution weak. Do they not (even then) make use of their understanding
36:69  We have not taught him (- the Prophet Muhammad the art of composing) verses, nor does it become him (to be a poet). This (Qur'an) is but a means to attain to eminence; a (Book) that is widely read, and tells the right from the wrong
36:70  (It has been revealed) so that he (- the Prophet) may warn those who are still (somewhat spiritually) alive (and so capable of receiving and responding to the call of truth), and (that) the verdict (of condemnation) be justified against the disbelievers
36:71  Do they not see that among the things that We have made with Our power are the cattle which We have created for them, and of which they are masters (now)
36:72  And We have subdued these (cattle) for their use and benefit. So that some of them serve as their riding (beasts) and through others they obtain their food
36:73  They have many other uses in them. They provide them with drinks (of various kinds). Will they still give (Us) no thanks
36:74  (Inspite of all this) they worship other gods apart from Allah (falsely) that they may find some help through them
36:75  These (false gods) are not capable of helping them. On the contrary these (gods) will (turn out for them to) be a host (of rebels) brought (before the Almighty to receive their due punishment)
36:76  And do not let their words cause you grief. Verily, We know what they conceal and what they profess (and they will be paid back in their own coins)
36:77  Has not a human being seen how We have created him out of a (very insignificant) sperm drop? Yet behold! he is an open adversary (to Us)
36:78  And he coins strange things about Us and forgets his own creation. He says, `Who will quicken the dead bones to life when they are decayed?
36:79  Say, `He Who evolved them the first time will again raise them to life. He is fully conversant with all (types and methods of) creation
36:80  `It is He Who produces fire for you out of the green tree, that you kindle (another fire) from it (even so new faith is kindled when the spiritually weak come in contact with the Divine Reformer).
36:81  Has He, Who has created the heavens and the earth, not the power of creating (other people) like them? Why not! He is the Supreme Creator (and) Possessor of all knowledge
36:82  Verily, His command, when He intends (to evolve) a thing, is (only) that He says to it, `Be' and it comes into being (at proper time)
36:83  Therefore, glory be to Him in Whose hand lies the perfect control of every thing, and towards Whom you shall all be made to return