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36:1  Ya Seen,
36:2  by the wise Qur'an
36:3  you are one of the messengers,
36:4  on a straight path.
36:5  This revelation has been gradually sent down from the Almighty, the Merciful
36:6  to warn a people whose forefathers were not warned, so they are unaware.
36:7  [However], the word [of God] is bound to come true for most of them, for they will not believe.
36:8  We have put shackles round their necks, reaching to their chins, so that their heads are forced up,
36:9  and We have put a barrier before them and behind them, and have blindfolded them, so that they cannot see.
36:10  It is all the same to them whether you warn them or do not warn them, they won't believe.
36:11  You can only warn someone who follows the message and stands in awe of the Merciful-to-all even though He is beyond his perception. So give him good news of forgiveness and a generous reward.
36:12  It is We who bring the dead to life, and record what they have done and the results of their deeds. We account for everything in a clear record.
36:13  Give them the example of the people whose town was visited by the messengers
36:14  We sent two to them, but they rejected both, so We reinforced them with a third, and they declared, "We are messengers to you."
36:15  They replied, "You are only human beings like us, and the Merciful-to-all has not revealed a thing. You are only telling lies."
36:16  They said, "Our Lord knows that we are messengers to you,
36:17  and we are responsible only for delivering [the message] clearly."
36:18  They said, "We feel that you are an evil omen. If you do not stop, We will surely stone you, and cause you to suffer severely."
36:19  They said, "Your evil omen is upon you. How can it be evil that you were reminded [about God]? You are rather going too far."
36:20  Then a man came running from the farthest end of the town, saying, "O, my people, follow the Messengers.
36:21  Follow those who do not ask you for [any] payment; they are [rightly] guided.
36:22  Why should I not worship the One who brought me into being and gave me a purpose and to whom you will be returned?
36:23  Would I take any gods other than Him? if the Merciful intends me some harm, their intercession will not help me at all, nor can they save me.
36:24  I would then be clearly misguided.
36:25  I have believed in your Lord, so listen to me."
36:26  It was said [to him], "Enter Paradise." He said, "I wish that my people only knew
36:27  how my Lord has forgiven me and placed me among the highly honored."
36:28  After him, We did not send any host from heaven to his people, nor would We send one down.
36:29  It was only one shout, and immediately they were extinguished.
36:30  Alas for our servants. Whenever a messenger comes to them, they ridicule him.
36:31  Have they not considered how many generations We destroyed before them, none of whom will ever come back to them?
36:32  Yet each and every one of them will be brought before Us.
36:33  A sign for them is the dead land that We have brought to life; from it We have brought forth grain, from which they eat.
36:34  And We have placed gardens of palm trees and grapevines in it, and caused springs of water to burst from it,
36:35  so that they may eat its fruit. It was not their hands that produced it, will they not be grateful?
36:36  Exalted in His glory is He who created pairs out of whatever the earth produces, as well as from themselves and from other things unknown to them.
36:37  Night is a sign for them. We remove the daylight from it, so they are [left] in darkness,
36:38  and the sun runs its course toward its destined point. Such is the determination of the Almighty, the All-Knowing.
36:39  And the moon, We have determined it's phases, until it finally appears like the old date-palm stalk.
36:40  The sun is not allowed to reach the moon, nor does the night overtake the day, but each floats in their own orbit.
36:41  Another sign for them is that We carried their offspring in the loaded Ark.
36:42  And that We have created for them similar vessels in which to ride.
36:43  If We wish, We could drown them, with no one to respond to their cry for help, nor would they be saved,
36:44  except through Our mercy, that they could be given a while to enjoy life.
36:45  But when they are told, "Beware of what lies before you and what lies behind you; perhaps you will be shown mercy,"
36:46  they turn away from every sign that comes to them from their Lord.
36:47  And when It is said to them, "Give to others from what God has provided for you," the unbelievers say to those who believe, "Should we feed one whom, if God had willed, He would have fed? You are clearly misguided."
36:48  They say, "When will this promise come about, if you are truthful?"
36:49  All it takes is one blast that will seize them while they still arguing about it.
36:50  They will not be able [to give] any testimony, nor will they return to their people.
36:51  And then the Horn will be blown, and at once they will rush out of the graves to their Lord.
36:52  They will say, "How terrible for us! Who has raised us up from our resting-place?" [They will be told], "This is what the Merciful-to-all had promised, and the Messengers told the Truth."
36:53  It will be only one blast, and at once they are all brought before Us.
36:54  "Today no soul will be wronged at all, and you will be repaid for what you did."
36:55  The people of Paradise will on that Day be joyfully engaged;
36:56  they and their spouses will lie in shades, reclining on couches
36:57  where they will have fruit and whatever they wish,
36:58  and their Lord, the Mercy giver, will great them with "Peace."
36:59  [But to the guilty, He will say], "Those who forced others to reject Our messages should stand apart today."
36:60  Children of Adam, did I not make a covenant with you not to worship Satan, who is clearly your enemy,
36:61  and that you worship [only] Me? This is a straight path.
36:62  [Satan] has already led a great many of you astray; why do you not use your reason?
36:63  This is the Hell that you were promised.
36:64  Enter it today as a result of your having denied the truth."
36:65  Today, We will seal over their mouths, but their hands will speak to Us, and their feet will testify about what they used to do.
36:66  And if We willed it, We could have taken away their sight, and they would have struggled to [find] the path, but how could they have seen it?
36:67  And if We had so willed, We could have crippled them where they stood, so that they could move neither forward nor backward.
36:68  When We grant a person long life, We also cause him to decline in power, so will they not understand?
36:69  We did not teach [the Prophet] poetry, nor it is suitable for him. This is simply a reminder and a self-evident Qur'an
36:70  to warn those whose hearts are alive, and to pass God's verdict against the unbelievers.
36:71  Can they not see that, by Our own handiwork, We have created livestock for them, that they now control?
36:72  We have tamed [those animals] for them, so that they can ride some of them, and some they can eat,
36:73  and some have other benefits, [such as milk] to drink. Will they not, then, be grateful?
36:74  Yet they have taken [false] gods besides God, hoping that they will help them,
36:75  but [their false gods] cannot help them, even if they were soldiers standing by, ready to support them.
36:76  So do not let what they say grieve you. We know what they conceal and what they reveal.
36:77  Does a human being not consider that We created him from a [mere] fertilized ovum, yet he becomes a fierce adversary?
36:78  Now, he argues about Us while he overlooks how he himself was created. He says, "Who will give life to bones when they are disintegrated?"
36:79  Say, "He who made them in the first instance will give them life again. He has full knowledge of all creation,
36:80  He, who produces fire for you from green trees, so that you use them to light your fires."
36:81  Is not He who created the heavens and the earth able to create the same again? Yes, indeed, for He is the All-Knowing, the Creator.
36:82  When He wills something to be, His simply says, "Be"- and it is.
36:83  Exalted in His glory is He who has the dominion of all things in His hand, and to Him you will return.