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36:1  Y. S.
36:2  By the Wise Reading,
36:3  you are an emissary
36:4  [sent] along a Straight Road
36:5  with a revelation from the Powerful, the Merciful,
36:6  so you may warn a folk whose forefathers have not been warned, and hence they are unaware.
36:7  The statement has been proven to be true about most of them, yet they still will not believe.
36:8  We have placed fetters around their necks which reach up to their chins till they seem to be out of joint.
36:9  We have placed a barrier before them and another barrier behind them, and have covered them up so they do not notice anything.
36:10  It is all the same for them whether you warn them or do not warn them; they still will not believe.
36:11  You will only warn someone who follows the Reminder and dreads the Mercy-giving even though He is Unseen. Proclaim forgiveness and generous payment to him.
36:12  We revive the dead and write down whatever they have sent on ahead and [left] as traces; We calculate everything in an open ledger.
36:13  Compose a parable for them about the inhabitants of the town when emissaries came to them.
36:14  When We sent them two, they rejected them both, so We reinforced them with a third.
36:15  They said; "You are only human beings like ourselves. The Mercy-giving has net sent anything down; you are only lying!"
36:16  They said: "Our Lord knows that we have been [sent] to you as emissaries.
36:17  We have only to proclaim things clearly."
36:18  They said: "We sense something unlucky about you; so if you will not stop, we´ll expel you, and painful torment from us will afflict you."
36:19  They said: "The bad luck you sense lies within yourselves. Will you not be reminded? Indeed you are such dissipated folk!"
36:20  A man came hurrying up from the further end of the city. he said: "O my people, follow the emissaries!
36:21  Follow someone who does not ask for any payment while they are being guided."
36:22  Why should I worship the One Who fashioned me and to Whom you will (all) return?
36:23  Should I adopt other gods instead of Him? If the Mercy-giving should want any harm [to happen] to me, their intercession would never help me out in any way nor would they rescue me:
36:24  I´d then be completely lost!
36:25  I believe in your Lord, so hear me!"
36:26  He was told: "Enter the Garden." He said: "If my people only knew
36:27  how my Lord has forgiven me and placed me among the honored ones!"
36:28  We did not send any army down from Heaven to his folk after him, nor do We ever send any down.
36:29  There was only a single Blast, and imagine, they [lay] shriveled up!
36:30  What a pity it is with such worshippers! No messenger has ever come to them unless they made fun of him.
36:31  Have they not seen how many generations We have wiped out before them who will never return to them?
36:32  Each will be arraigned so they all stand before Us.
36:33  The dead earth serves as a sign for them; We revive it and bring forth grain from it which they may eat.
36:34  We have placed date groves and vineyards on it, and make springs flow forth from it
36:35  so they may eat its fruit. Their own hands did not produce it. So, will they not give thanks?
36:36  Glory be to the One Who has created every kind of species such as the earth grows, their own kind, and even some things they do not know!
36:37  Another sign for them is night; We strip daylight off from it so they are plunged into darkness!
36:38  The sun runs along on a course of its own. Such is the design of the Powerful, the Aware!
36:39  And We have designed phases for the moon so it finally appears again like an old palm frond.
36:40  The sun dare not overtake the moon nor does night outpace the day. Each floats along in its own orbit.
36:41  Another for them is how We transported their offspring on the laden ship.
36:42  We have created something like it for them on which they must sail.
36:43  If We wished, We might even let them drown and they would have no one to cry out to, nor would they be rescued
36:44  except as a mercy from Us and to enjoy things for a while.
36:45  When they are told: "Heed what lies in front of you and what´s behind you so that you may find mercy,"
36:46  not one of their Lord´s signs has come to them except they tried to avoid it.
36:47  When they are (also) told: "Spend something God has provided you with," the ones who disbelieve tell those who believe: "Should we feed someone whom God would feed if He so wishes? You are quite obviously in error!"
36:48  They say: "When will this promise occur if you are so truthful?"
36:49  They need only wait for a single Blast to catch them while they are arguing away.
36:50  They will not even manage to draw up a will, nor will they return to their own people.
36:51  The Trumpet will be blow and then they will swarm forth from their tombs to meet their Lord.
36:52  They will say: "It´s too bad for us! Whoever has raised us up from our sleeping quarters? This is what the Mercy-giving promised; the emissaries have been telling the truth."
36:53  There will be only a single Blast and then they will all be assembled in Our presence.
36:54  On that day no soul will be harmed in any way, and you will be rewarded only for what you have been doing.
36:55  The inhabitants of the Garden will be happily at work of that day.
36:56  They and their spouses will relax on couches in shady nooks;
36:57  they will have fruit and they shall have anything they request.
36:58  "Peace!" will be a greeting from a Merciful Lord.
36:59  "Step aside today, you criminals!
36:60  Did I not contract you, O children of Adam, not to serve Satan? He is an open enemy of yours.
36:61  And to worship Me [Alone]! This is a Straight Road.
36:62  He has led a numerous mob of you astray. Haven´t you been reasoning things out?
36:63  This is Hell, which you were threatened with.
36:64  Roast in it today because you have disbelieved!"
36:65  That day We shall seal their mouths up while their hands will speak to Us and their feet bear witness about what they have been earning.
36:66  If We so wished, We would put their eyes out so they must grope along the Road. Yet how will they ever notice [anything]?
36:67  If We wished, We would nail them to the spot so they would not manage to keep on going nor would they ever return.
36:68  Anyone We grant long life to, We switch around within creation. Will they not use their reason?
36:69  We have not taught him any poetry nor would it be fitting for him. It is merely a Reminder and a clear Reading
36:70  so he may warn anyone who is alive and the Sentence may be confirmed against disbelievers.
36:71  Have they not considered how We have created livestock for them out of what Our own hands have made, and they are masters over them?
36:72  We let them tame them: some of them are to be ridden, while others they eat;
36:73  they receive benefits and drinks from them. Will they not act grateful?
36:74  Yet they have adopted [other] gods instead of God [Alone, so that they may be supported.
36:75  They still cannot achieve their support; yet they stand up for them like an army in their presence!
36:76  Do not let their statement sadden you; We know what they are keeping secret and what they are disclosing.
36:77  Has not man considered how We created him from a drop of semen? Yet he is an open adversary!
36:78  He makes something up to be compared with Us and forgets how he was created. He even says: "Who will revive [our] bones once they have rotted away?"
36:79  SAY: "The One Who raised them up in the first place will revive them. He is Aware of all creation,
36:80  the One Who grants you fire from green trees. Notice how you kindle a fire for them.
36:81  Is not Whoever created Heaven and Earth Able to create the same as them?" Of course [He is]! He is the Creator, the Aware.
36:82  Once He wishes anything, His command only needs to tell it: "Be"; and it is!
36:83  Glory be to Him Whose hand holds sovereignty over everything! To Him will you return.