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36:1  Ya´. Sin
36:2  By the Wise Qur´an
36:3  you are truly among the Messengers
36:4  on a Straight Way
36:5  (and this Qur´an) is a revelation from the Most Mighty, the Most Compassionate
36:6  so that you may warn a people whose ancestors were not warned before wherefore they are heedless
36:7  Surely most of them merit the decree of chastisement; so they do not believe
36:8  We have put fetters around their necks which reach up to their chins so that they are standing with their heads upright
36:9  and We have put a barrier before them and a barrier behind them, and have covered them up, so they are unable to see
36:10  It is all the same for them whether you warn them or do not warn them for they shall not believe
36:11  You can warn only him who follows the Admonition and fears the Merciful Lord without seeing Him. Give such a one good tidings of forgiveness and a generous reward
36:12  We shall surely raise the dead to life and We record what they did and the traces of their deeds that they have left behind. We have encompassed that in a Clear Book
36:13  Recite to them, as a case in point, the story of the people of the town when the Messengers came to them
36:14  We sent to them two Messengers and they rejected both of them as liars. Then We strengthened them with a third (Messenger). They said: "We have been sent to you as Messengers."
36:15  The people of the town said: "You are only human beings like ourselves, and the Merciful Lord has revealed nothing. You are simply lying."
36:16  The Messengers said: "Our Lord knows that we have indeed been sent to yo
36:17  and our duty is no more than to clearly convey the Message."
36:18  The people of the town said: "We believe you are an evil omen for us. If you do not desist, we will stone you or you will receive a grievous chastisement from us."
36:19  The Messengers replied: "Your evil omen is with you. (Are you saying this) because you were asked to take heed? The truth is that you are a people who have exceeded all bounds."
36:20  In the meantime a man came running from the far end of the town, saying: "My people, follow the Messengers
36:21  follow those who do not ask any recompense from you and are rightly-guided
36:22  Why should I not serve the One Who created me and to Whom all of you shall be sent back
36:23  What! Shall I take any deities apart from Him whose intercession will not avail me the least were the Merciful One to bring any adversity upon me, nor will they be able to rescue me
36:24  Surely in that case I should indeed be in evident error
36:25  I believe in your Lord; so listen to me."
36:26  (Eventually they killed him and he was told): "Enter Paradise." The man exclaimed: "Would that my people kne
36:27  for what reason Allah has forgiven me and placed me among the honoured ones."
36:28  After him, We did not send down any hosts from the heaven; We stood in no need to send down any host
36:29  There was but a single Blast and suddenly they became silent and still
36:30  Alas for My servants! Never does a Messenger come to them but they mock him
36:31  Have they not seen how many nations before them did We destroy? Thereafter they never came back to them
36:32  All of them shall (one day) be gathered before Us
36:33  Let the dead earth be a Sign for them. We gave it life and produced from it grain whereof they eat
36:34  We made in it gardens of date-palms and vines, and We caused springs to gush fort
36:35  that they might eat of its fruits. It was not their hands that made them. Will they not, then, give thanks
36:36  Holy is He Who created all things in pairs, whether it be of what the earth produces, and of themselves, and of what they do not know
36:37  And the night is another Sign for them. We strip the day from it and they become plunged in darkness
36:38  The sun is running its course to its appointed place. That is the ordaining of the All-Mighty, the All-Knowing
36:39  We have appointed stages for the moon till it returns in the shape of a dry old branch of palm-tree
36:40  Neither does it lie in the sun´s power to overtake the moon nor can the night outstrip the day. All glide along, each in its own orbit
36:41  Another Sign for them is that We carried all their offspring in the laden vesse
36:42  and then created for them other vessels like those on which they ride
36:43  Should We so wish, We can drown them, and there will be none to heed their cries of distress, nor will they be rescued
36:44  It is only Our Mercy (that rescues them) and enables enjoyment of life for a while
36:45  When it is said to such people: "Guard yourselves against what is ahead of you and what has preceded you that mercy be shown to you" (they pay scant heed to it)
36:46  Never does any Sign of their Lord come to them, but they turn away from it
36:47  And when it is said to them: "Spend (in the Way of Allah) out of the sustenance that Allah has provided you," the unbelievers say to the believers: "Shall we feed him whom, Allah would have fed, had He so wished?" Say: "You are in evident error."
36:48  They say: "When will this threat (of Resurrection) come to pass? Tell us if indeed you are truthful."
36:49  The Truth is that they are waiting for nothing but a mighty Blast to seize them the while they are disputing (in their worldly affairs)
36:50  and they will not even be able to make a testament, nor to return to their households
36:51  Then the Trumpet shall be blown and lo! they will come out of their graves and be on the move towards their Lord
36:52  (nervously) exclaiming. "Alas for us! Who roused us out of our sleeping-place?" "This is what the Merciful One had promised, and what (His) Messengers had said was true."
36:53  Then there will simply be one single Blast, and all will have gathered before Us
36:54  Today no one shall suffer the least injustice, and you shall not be recompensed except according to your deeds
36:55  Indeed, the people of Paradise will be busy enjoying themselves
36:56  they and their spouses shall be reclining on their couches in shady groves
36:57  therein there will be all kinds of fruits to eat, and they shall have all that they desire
36:58  "Peace" shall be the word conveyed to them from their Merciful Lord
36:59  "Criminals, separate yourselves from others today
36:60  Children of Adam, did I not command you not to serve Satan ? he is to you an open enem
36:61  and serve Me alone: this is the Straight Way
36:62  Still, he misguided a whole throng of you. Did you have no sense
36:63  Now this is the Hell of which you were warned
36:64  Burn in it on account of your disbelieving
36:65  Today We shall put a seal on their mouths, and their hands will speak to Us and their feet shall bear witness to what they had been doing
36:66  If We so willed, We would have put out their eyes, then they would rush to see the Way, but how would they be able to see
36:67  If We so willed, We would have transformed them where they were so that they would not go forward or backward
36:68  Whomsoever We grant a long life, We reverse him in his constitution. Do they still not understand
36:69  We did not teach him (to wit, the Messenger) poetry and it does not behove him. This is none but an Admonition, and a Clear Boo
36:70  that he may warn him who is alive and establish an argument against those that deny the Truth
36:71  Do they not see Our handiwork: We created for them cattle which they own
36:72  We have subjected the cattle to them so that some of them they ride and eat the flesh of others
36:73  They derive a variety of benefits and drinks from them. Will they, then, not give thanks
36:74  They set up deities apart from Allah, hoping that they will receive help from them
36:75  Those deities can render them no help. Yet these devotees act as though they were an army in waiting for them
36:76  Let not their words grieve you. Surely We know all things about them, what they conceal and what they reveal
36:77  Does man not see that We created him of a sperm drop, and lo! he is flagrantly contentious
36:78  He strikes for Us a similitude and forgot his own creation. He says: "Who will quicken the bones when they have decayed?"
36:79  Say: "He Who first brought them into being will quicken them; He knows well about every kind of creation
36:80  He Who created from a green tree a fire for you, a fire to light your stoves with."
36:81  Has He Who created the heavens and the earth no power to create the likes of them? Yes, indeed, He is the Superb Creator
36:82  Whenever He wills a thing, He just commands it "Be" and it is
36:83  Holy is He Who has full control over everything, and to Him you shall all be recalled