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36:1  Ya-Sin
36:2  By the Qur'an full of wisdom
36:3  Verily thou art of the sent ones
36:4  upon the straight path
36:5  This is a revelation of the Mighty, the Merciful
36:6  That thou mayest warn a people whose fathers were not warned; so they are negligent
36:7  Assuredly the word hath been justified against most of them, wherefore they shall not believe
36:8  Verily We have placed on their necks shackles which are up to the chins; so that their heads are forced up
36:9  And We have placed before them a barrier and behind them a barrier, so We have covered them, so that they see not
36:10  And it is alike Unto them, whather thou warnest them or warnest them not; they shall not believe
36:11  Thou canst warn only him who followeth the admonition and feareth the Compassionate, unseen. So bear thou Unto him the glad tidings of forgiveness and a generous hire
36:12  Verily We! We shall guicken the dead. And We write down that which they send before and their footsteps. And everything We have counted up in a Book luminous
36:13  And propound thou Unto them the similitude of the inhabitants of a town, When there came thereto the sent ones
36:14  What time We sent Unto them two, then they belied the twain, wherefore We strengthened them with a third, and they said: verily we are Unto you the sent ones
36:15  They said: ye are but human beings like ourselves; the Compassionate hath not sent down aught; ye are only lying
36:16  They said: our Lord knoweth that we are surely Unto you the sent ones
36:17  And on us is naught but manifest preaching
36:18  They said: verily we augur ill of you ; if ye desist not, we shall surely stone you, and there will befall you from us a torment afflictive
36:19  They said: your evil augury be with you. Call ye it an ill- luck because ye are admonished! Aye! ye are a people extravagant
36:20  And there came from the farthest part of the town a man running. He said; O my people! follow the sent ones
36:21  Follow those who ask not of you any hire, and who are rightly guided
36:22  And what aileth me that I should not worship Him who hath created me, and Unto whom ye shall be returned
36:23  Shall I take beside Him gods when, if the Compassionate should intend me any harm, their intercession will avail me not at all, nor would they save me
36:24  Verily then I should be in error manifest
36:25  Verily I believe now in your Lord; so hearken Unto me."
36:26  It was said: enter thou the Garden. He said: would that my people knew
36:27  That my Lord hath forgiven me, and hath made me of the honoured ones
36:28  And We sent not against his people after him a host from heaven, nor have We been sending down any such
36:29  It was but one shout, and lo! they were extinct
36:30  Ah the misery of the bondmen! there cometh not: Unto them an apostle but him they have been mocking
36:31  Behold they not how many We have destroyed before them of the generations! verily Unto them they shall not return
36:32  And surely all, every one of them, shall be brought before us
36:33  And a sign Unto them is the dead land. We quicken it and therecut We bring forth grain, so that thereof they eat
36:34  And We place therein gardens of the date-palms and vines; and We therein cause to gush forth springs
36:35  That they may eat of the fruit thereof; and their hands worked it not. Will they not, therefore, give thanks
36:36  Hallowed be He who hath created all the pairs of that which the earth groweth, and of themselves and of that which they know not
36:37  And a sign Unto them is the night. We draw off the day therefrom, and lo! they are darkened
36:38  And the sun runneth to its appointed term: that is the disposition of the Mighty, the Knowing."
36:39  And the moon! For it We have decreed mansions till it reverteth like the old branch of a palm-tree
36:40  It is not permitted to the sun that it should overtake the moon, nor can the night outstrip the day: each in an orbit, they float
36:41  And a sign Unto them is that We bear their offspring in a laden ship
36:42  And We have created for them of the like thereUnto whereon they ride
36:43  And if We list, We shall drown them, and there will be no shout for them, nor will they be saved
36:44  unless it be a mercy from us, and as an enjoyment for a season
36:45  And when it is said Unto them: fear that which is before you and that which is behind you, that haply ye may find mercy, they withdraw
36:46  And not a sign cometh Unto them of the signs of their Lord, but they are ever backsliders therefrom
36:47  And when it is said Unto them: expend of that wherewith Allah hath provided you, those who disbelieve say Unto those who believe: shall we feed those whom God Himself would have fed, if He listed? Ye are in naught else than error manifest
36:48  And they say: when will this promise be fulfilled if ye say sooth
36:49  They await not but one shout, which shall lay hold of them while they are yet wrangling
36:50  And they will not be able to make a disposition, nor to their family they return
36:51  And the trumpet shall be blown, and lo! from the tombs Unto their Lord they shall be hastening
36:52  They will say: Ah woe Unto us! who hath roused us from our sleeping-place? This is that which the Compassionate had promised, and truly spake the sent ones
36:53  It shall be but one shout; and lo! they shall all be brought together before us
36:54  To-day no soul will be wronged at all; nor shall ye be requited but for that which ye have been working
36:55  Verily the fellows of the Garden to-day shall be happily employed
36:56  They and their spouses, in shade on couches shall be reclining
36:57  Theirs shall be fruit therein and theirs shall be whatsoever they ask for
36:58  Peace shall be the word from the Lord Merciful
36:59  And separate yourselves this Day, O ye culprits
36:60  Enjoined I not on you, ye children of Adam, that ye shall not worship the Satan - verily he is Unto you manifest foe
36:61  And that: ye shall worship Me; this is the straight path
36:62  And yet assuredly he hath led astray of you a great multitude. Wherefore reflect ye not
36:63  Yonder is Hell, which ye were promised
36:64  Roast therein To-day for that ye have been disbelieving
36:65  To-day We shall seal upon their mouths, and their hands will speak Unto us, and their feet will bear witness of that which they have been earning
36:66  And if We listed, surely We should wipe out their eyes so that they would struggle for the way how then would they see
36:67  And if We listed, surely We should transform them in their places, so that they would be able neither to go forward nor to retur
36:68  And whomsoever We grant long life, We reverse him in creation. Reflect then they not
36:69  And We have not taught him poetry, nor it befitteth him. This is but an admonition and a Recital luminous
36:70  In order that it may warn him who is alive, and that the sentence may be justified on the infidels
36:71  Observe they not that We have created for them, of that which Our hands have worked, cattle: so that they are their owners
36:72  And We have subdued them Unto them, so that some of them they have for riding and on some of them they feed
36:73  And they have therefrom other benefits and drinks. Will they not then give thanks
36:74  And they have taken beside Allah gods, hoping that haply they may be succoured
36:75  They are not able to give them succour; whereas they shall be against them host brought forward
36:76  So let not their speech grieve thee. Verily We! We know whatsoever they keep secret and whatsoever they make known
36:77  Beholdest not man that We have created him from a sperm? Yet lo! he is a manifest disputer
36:78  And he propoundeth for us a similitude, and forgetteth his creation, He saith: who shall quicken the bones when they are decayed
36:79  Say thou:" He shall quicken them Who brought them forth for the first time, and He is of every kind of creation the Knower
36:80  Who giveth you out of the green tree fire, and lo! ye kindle therewith
36:81  Is not He who created the heavens and the earth able to create the like of these? Yea! He is the Supreme Creator, the Knower
36:82  His affair, when He intendeth a thing, is only that He saith Unto it: be, and it becometh
36:83  Wherefore hallowed be He in whose hand is the governance of everything, and Unto whom ye shall be returned