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36:1  Ya Si
36:2  By the Wise Koran
36:3  thou art truly among the Envoy
36:4  on a straight path
36:5  the sending down of the All-mighty, the All-wise
36:6  that thou mayest warn a people whose fathers were never warned, so they are heedless
36:7  The Word has been realised against most of them, yet they do not believe
36:8  Surely We have put on their necks fetters up to the chin, so their heads are raised
36:9  and We have put before them a barrier and behind them a barrier; and We have covered them, so they do not see
36:10  Alike it is to them whether thou hast warned them or thou hast not warned them, they do not believe
36:11  Thou only warnest him who follows the Remembrance and who fears the All-merciful in the Unseen; so give him the good tidings of forgiveness and a generous wage
36:12  Surely it is We who bring the dead to life and write down what they have forwarded and what they have left behind; everything We have numbered in a clear register
36:13  Strike for them a similitude -- the inhabitants of the city, when the Envoys came to it
36:14  when We sent unto them two men, but they cried them lies, so We sent a third as reinforcement. They said, 'We are assuredly Envoys unto you
36:15  They said, 'You are naught but mortals like us; the All-merciful has not sent down anything. You are speaking only lies.
36:16  They said, 'Our Lord knows we are Envoys unto you
36:17  and it is only for us to deliver the Manifest Message.
36:18  They said, 'We augur ill of you. If you give not over, we will stone you and there shall visit you from us a painful chastisement.
36:19  They said, 'Your augury is with you; if you are reminded? But you are a prodigal people.
36:20  Then came a man from the furthest part of the city, running; he said, 'My people, follow the Envoys
36:21  Follow such as ask no wage of you, that are right-guided
36:22  And why should I not serve Him who originated me, and unto whom you shall be returned
36:23  What, shall I take, apart from Him, gods whose intercession, if the All-merciful desires affliction for me, shall not avail me anything, and who will never deliver me
36:24  Surely in that case I should be in manifest error
36:25  Behold, I believe in your Lord; therefore hear me!
36:26  It was said, 'Enter Paradise!' He said, 'Ah, would that my people had knowledg
36:27  that my Lord has forgiven me and that He has placed me among the honoured.
36:28  And We sent not down upon his people, after him, any host out of heaven; neither would We send any down
36:29  It was only one Cry and lo, they were silent and still
36:30  Ah, woe for those servants! Never comes unto them a Messenger, but they mock at him
36:31  What, have they not seen how many generations We have destroyed before them, and that it is not unto them that they return
36:32  They shall every one of them be arraigned before Us
36:33  And a sign for them is the dead land, that We quickened and brought forth from it grain, whereof they eat
36:34  and We made therein gardens of palms and vines, and therein We caused fountains to gush forth
36:35  that they might eat of its fruits and their hands' labour. What, will they not be thankful
36:36  Glory be to Him, who created all the pairs of what the earth produces, and of themselves, and of what they know not
36:37  And a sign for them is the night; We strip it of the day and lo, they are in darkness
36:38  And the sun -- it runs to a fixed resting-place; that is the ordaining of the All-mighty, the All-knowing
36:39  And the moon -- We have determined it by stations, till it returns like an aged palm-bough
36:40  It behoves not the sun to overtake the moon, neither does the night outstrip the day, each swimming in a sky
36:41  And a sign for them is that We carried their seed in the laden ship
36:42  and We have created for them the like of it whereon they ride
36:43  and if We will, We drown them, then none have they to cry to, neither are they delivered
36:44  save as a mercy from Us, and enjoyment for a while
36:45  And when it is said to them, 'Fear what is before you and what is behind you; haply you will find mercy' -
36:46  yet never any sign of the signs of their Lord comes to them, but they are turning away from it
36:47  And when it is said to them, 'Expend of that God has provided you,' the unbelievers say to the believers, 'What, shall we feed such a one whom, if God willed, He would feed? You are only in manifest error!
36:48  They also say, 'When shall this promise come to pass, if you speak truly?
36:49  They are awaiting only for one Cry to seize them while they are yet disputing
36:50  then they will not be able to make any testament, nor will they return to their people
36:51  And the Trumpet shall be blown; then behold, they are sliding down from their tombs unto their Lord
36:52  They say, 'Alas for us! Who roused us out of our sleeping place? This is what the All-merciful promised, and the Envoys spoke truly.
36:53  'It was only one Cry; then behold, they are all arraigned before Us
36:54  So today no soul shall be wronged anything, and you shall not be recompensed, except according to what you have been doing
36:55  See, the inhabitants of Paradise today are busy in their rejoicing
36:56  they and their spouses, reclining upon couches in the shade
36:57  therein they have fruits, and they have all that they call for
36:58  'Peace!' -- such is the greeting, from a Lord All-compassionate
36:59  'Now keep yourselves apart, you sinners, upon this day
36:60  Made I not covenant with you, Children of Adam, that you should not serve Satan -- surely he is a manifest foe to you -
36:61  and that you should serve Me? This is a straight path
36:62  He led astray many a throng of you; did you not understand
36:63  This is Gehenna, then, the same that you were promised
36:64  roast well in it today, for that you were unbelievers!
36:65  Today We set a seal on their mouths, and their hands speak to Us, and their feet bear witness as to what they have been earning
36:66  Did We will, We would have obliterated their eyes, then they would race to the path, but how would they see
36:67  Did We will, We would have changed them where they were, then they could not go on, nor could they return
36:68  And to whomsoever We give long life, We bend him over in His constitution; what, do they not understand
36:69  We have not taught him poetry; it is not seemly for him. It is only a Remembrance and a Clear Koran
36:70  that he may warn whosoever is living, and that the Word may be realized against the unbelievers
36:71  Have they not seen how that We have created for them of that Our hands wrought cattle that they own
36:72  We have subdued them to them, and some of them they ride, and some they eat
36:73  other uses also they have in them, and beverages. What, will they not be thankful
36:74  Yet they have taken, apart from God, gods; haply they might be helped
36:75  They cannot help them, though they be hosts made ready for them
36:76  So do not let their saying grieve thee; assuredly We know what they keep secret and what they publish
36:77  Has not man regarded how that We created him of a sperm-drop? Then lo, he is a manifest adversary
36:78  And he has struck for Us a similitude and forgotten his creation; he says, 'Who shall quicken the bones when they are decayed?
36:79  Say: 'He shall quicken them, who originated them the first time; He knows all creation
36:80  who has made for you out of the green tree fire and lo, from it you kindle.
36:81  Is not He, who created the heavens and earth, able to create the like of them? Yes indeed; He is the All-creator, the All-knowing
36:82  His command, when He desires a thing, is to say to it 'Be,' and it is
36:83  So glory be to Him, in whose hand is the dominion of everything, and unto whom you shall be returned