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89:1  And (by) the dawn
89:2  And (by) the ten nights, (Commonly understood to be the First ten night of the pilgrimage)
89:3  And (by) the Even and the Odd
89:4  And (by) the night when it departs, (Or: sets forth passing away)
89:5  Is there in that an oath for a sensible person? (Literally: person owning sense)
89:6  Have you not seen how your Lord has done with Aad
89:7  Iram comprising the columns, (i.e., It is the city of Aad, who were stalwart and huge buildings)
89:8  The like of which was not created in the lands
89:9  And (with) Tham?d? who carved out the rocks in the valley
89:10  And (with) Firaawn, (Pharaoh) owning the bulwarks? (Or: stakes)
89:11  (They) who tyrannized in the lands
89:12  So they worked much corruption therein
89:13  Then your Lord poured on them the scourge of torment
89:14  Surely your Lord is indeed Ever-Observing
89:15  Then, as for man, just when his Lord tries him, so He honors him, and showers His favors on him, then he says, "My Lord has honored me."
89:16  And just when He tries him, so He determines for him the right estimate of his provision, then he says, "My Lord has degraded me."
89:17  Not at all! No indeed, (but) you do not honor the orphan
89:18  And you do not urge one another on (offering) food to the indigent
89:19  And you eat the heritage with indiscriminate eating
89:20  And you love wealth with an ardent love
89:21  Not at all, When the earth is pounded (into powder), pounding, pounding
89:22  And your Lord comes, and the Angels rank on rank
89:23  And Hell is made to come (face to face) upon that Day, man will remember, upon that Day, and however will the Reminding (avail) him
89:24  He will say, "Oh would that I had forwarded some good for my (future) life!"
89:25  So, upon that Day none will torment as He torments, (Literally: "as" His tormenting)
89:26  And none will bind (as) His binding
89:27  O you self (that is) composed
89:28  Return to your Lord satisfied with Supreme Satisfaction
89:29  So enter among My bondmen
89:30  And enter My Garden