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88:1  Has the discourse of the Enveloper come up to you
88:2  Faces upon that day will be submissive
88:3  Laboring, toiling
88:4  Roasting at a Fire burning hot
88:5  Watered from a duly (Or: hot) (boiling) spring
88:6  No food will be brought for them except from daric, (Or: cactus thorn)
88:7  Not to plum pen and of no avail against hunger
88:8  (Other) faces upon that day will be blissful
88:9  With their endeavor satisfied
88:10  In an exalted Garden
88:11  Therein they do not hear any idle (word)
88:12  Therein is a running spring
88:13  Therein are upraised settees
88:14  And goblets set forth
88:15  And cushions ranged
88:16  And carpets outspread
88:17  Will they then not look at the camels, how they have been created
88:18  And at the heaven, how it has been raised up
88:19  And at the mountains, how they have been set up
88:20  And at the earth, how it has been encrusted? (i.e., provided with a surface or crust)
88:21  So remind them! Surely you are only a constant Reminder
88:22  You are not in any way a dominator over them
88:23  Except for him who has turned away and disbelieved
88:24  Then Allah will torment him with the greatest torment
88:25  Surely, to Us is their coming back
88:26  Thereafter surely upon Us is their reckoning