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al-Balad (The City, This Countryside)
as rendered by Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali
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Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali rendition of Surah The City, This Countryside(al-Balad)
90:1 No! I swear by this country, - (Or: city)
90:2 And you (i.e., the Prophet) are an inhabitant of this country.
90:3 And (I swear) (by) the begetter and what he begot.
90:4 Indeed We already created man in suffering.
90:5 Does he reckon that no one can ever determine over him?
90:6 He says, "I have consumed stacked wealth."
90:7 Does he reckon that none has seen him?
90:8 Have We not made for him two eyes,
90:9 And a tongue, and two lips,
90:10 And guided him on the two highways (of good and evil)?
90:11 Yet he has not rushed along the uneven (Or: steep) track.
90:12 And what makes you realize what the uneven track is?
90:13 It is the freeing of a slave, (Literally: the untying of a neck)
90:14 Or feeding upon a day of famine.
90:15 An orphan of (Literally: owning) near relationship,
90:16 Or an indigent man in starvation; (Literally: in dusty circumstances)
90:17 Thereafter he is one of the ones who believed, and enjoined one another to have patience, and enjoined one another to do merciful deeds.
90:18 Those are the companions of the position of Rightness.
90:19 And the ones who disbelieve in Our signs, they are the companions of the position of sinister (befalling); (Or: the Hand)
90:20 Over them is a Fire without any outlet (Literally: vaulted/over).


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