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80:1  He frowned and walked away
80:2  When the blind man came to him, (interrupting).
80:3  How would you know? Probably he came to you seeking spiritual growth,
80:4  Or to receive Enlightenment that would save him.
80:5  But the one who considers himself free from need,
80:6  You gave him too much attention.
80:7  Yet it is not your concern if he has no intention of purifying himself
80:8  But, as for the one who came to you seeking positive spiritual growth,
80:9  And who has fear (of the dire consequences of yielding to his whims),
80:10  You ignored him.
80:11  No indeed! Surely this Sūrat is an admonishment.
80:12  Now, therefore, let whosoever will pay close heed to it:
80:13  It is in Honorable Books,
80:14  Exalted, purified,
80:15  (Written) by the hands of scribes,
80:16  Noble and obedient.
80:17  Lo! Man is keen to pursue destruction. How impious he is!
80:18  From what substance did He create him?
80:19  He created him from a drop of sperm and then proportioned him.
80:20  Then He enlightens his path to achieve a blissful life
80:21  Then He causes him to die and assigns a grave to him.
80:22  Then when He wills, He will certainly bring him back to life .
80:23  No Indeed! Man has failed to comply with what Allâh commanded.
80:24  Now, therefore, let man look at his food:
80:25  How We pour down water in abundance,
80:26  And then We cleave the earth in rifts.
80:27  Then We cause the grain to grow therein,
80:28  Grapes and fresh vegetation,
80:29  Olive and date palms,
80:30  Gardens of thick foliage,
80:31  Different types of fruits and grass,
80:32  A provision for you and your cattle.
80:33  But when the Deafening Blast comes to pass:
80:34  On the day when a man runs away from his brother,
80:35  From his mother and father,
80:36  From his wife and children.
80:37  For everyone, that day, will be preoccupied with his own problems.
80:38  Some faces, on that day, will be so bright,
80:39  Laughing and rejoicing at the glad tidings
80:40  And the other faces, on that day, will have dust upon them
80:41  Veiled in darkness.
80:42  Those are the impious, flagrantly wicked.