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79:1  I swear by those (angels) dragging out (the soul of the Impious) violently:
79:2  And those taking away (the soul of the Pious) gently:
79:3  And those gliding throughout the heavens:
79:4  And those taking the lead strenuously:
79:5  And those carrying out the Command of Allâh:
79:6  (Beware of a day) when the earth-shaking blast will come to pass,
79:7  Then followed by a second blast,
79:8  So the hearts (of the impious), on that day, will be palpitating
79:9  And their eyes downcast.
79:10  They say: “What! Are we really brought back to our former state?
79:11  How can this possibly happen after we have become decayed bones?’
79:12  Adding: “Then such a return would be a perditious return for us!”
79:13  But verily, it will be no more than a mighty blast.
79:14  Then suddenly they are awakened.
79:15  Has there come to you the anecdote of Moses
79:16  When his Lord called upon him in the Scared Valley of Towa?
79:17  "Go to Pharaoh: Surely he has become inordinate.”
79:18  And Say to him: “Would you be willing to purify yourself (or to attain positive spiritual growth),
79:19  And that I show you the path to your Lord so that you may show honor and reverence for (him)?“
79:20  Moses showed him the Mighty Sign,
79:21  But he denied and refused to yield to the truth.
79:22  Then He turned away (in aversion), striving (to convince his people not to follow Mosses).
79:23  Then he summoned his people and proclaimed:
79:24  “I am your lord, the most high."
79:25  So Allâh seized him with punishment of the Hereafter and the former life.
79:26  Most surely in (this punishment), there is a lesson for whoever shows honor and reverence for Allâh.
79:27  What! (Do you think) you are harder to create than the sky which he has constructed it?
79:28  He raised its height and perfectly proportioned it.
79:29  And He darkened its night and brought forth its daylight.
79:30  Then after that He spread out the earth,
79:31  Bringing forth its water and vegetation,
79:32  And setting firmly the mountains.
79:33  All this was done as a means of sustenance for you and your grazing livestock to enjoy.
79:34  Therefore, when the Great Catastrophe comes,
79:35  Then Man will remember, on that day, what he used to strive for,
79:36  And Hellfire will be made manifest to the one who sees.
79:37  So as for the one who transgresses,
79:38  And prefers this worldly life (over the Hereafter),
79:39  Then surely Hell shall be the abode.
79:40  But as for he who stands in awe of the absolute majesty and glory of his Lord, and guards himself against all temptation,
79:41  Then Al-Jannah will most definitely be (his) eternal home.
79:42  They ask you about the Hour: “When will it take place?”
79:43  About what! That is outside the scope of your knowledge.
79:44  Its ultimate knowledge belongs solely to your Lord.
79:45  Your duty is only to warn whoever turns to Allâh in Faith seeking salvation.
79:46  On the day when it is made manifest to them, it will be as if they had but tarried for an evening or its morn.