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81:1  When the sun is darkened:
81:2  When the stars are made to fall down and lose their luster:
81:3  When the mountains are set in motion:
81:4  When the pregnant camels are forgotten and unattended:
81:5  When the wild beasts are gathered in one place:
81:6  When the seas are set on fire:
81:7  When all human beings are paired:
81:8  When the infant female who was buried alive be asked
81:9  For what crime she was slain:
81:10  When the scrolls are laid open:
81:11  When the sky is stripped away:
81:12  When the Hellfire is put in flames:
81:13  And when Al-Jannah is brought near:
81:14  Then, each human person will know what he has put forward.
81:15  No indeed! I swear by the planets
81:16  As they run their course and hide.
81:17  By the night when it departs:
81:18  And by the morning when it breathes:
81:19  Most assuredly It is the Word of an honored Messenger,
81:20  Endued with mighty power, and an honorable place with the Lord of the Throne,
81:21  Obeyed (by the Angels) and trustworthy.
81:22  Lo! Your companion is not insane.
81:23  He truly saw him- (Archangel Gabriel)- on the clear horizon.
81:24  He is not niggardly of the Unseen.
81:25  This Qurʾān is not the word of outcast devil.
81:26  So where will you go?
81:27  This Qurʾān is not but a Book of Enlightenment for all the beings,
81:28  For whoever desires among you to walk on the right path (to salvation).
81:29  You are unable to choose or do anything unless Allâh, the Lord of all the beings, wills it to be so.