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76:1  Has there come upon the human a while of the eon, he was not a mentioned thing?
76:2  Surely, We created the human from sexual zygotic mixture drops, to try him; and We set up him hearer and seer.
76:3  Surely, We guided him to the access, whether he is grateful or ungrateful.
76:4  Surely, We have prepared for the infidels chains, and shackles, and a Blazing Fire.
76:5  Surely the devotees will drink from a goblet whose mixture is Kafur.
76:6  A spring from which Allah’s slaves will drink, they burst it, bursting.
76:7  They fulfill the vows and fear a Day whose evil is widespread.
76:8  And they feed the food, in spite of its love, a needy person, an orphan, and a captive.
76:9  “Surely, we only feed you for the sake of Allah’s face. We do not want from you neither award, nor thanks.
76:10  Surely, we fear from our Lord a frowning distressful Day.”
76:11  So Allah protected them from the evil of that Day and let them find a radiance and joy.
76:12  And rewarded them with what they were patient, Paradise and silk.
76:13  Reclining therein on the couches.; not seeing therein neither a sun hotness, nor cold frost.
76:14  And its shade nearing over them, and its cluster of fruits lowered, a lowness.
76:15  And circulate upon them with vessels of silver, and cups that were a flasks (Of crystals).
76:16  Flasks from silver, they evaluated them, an evaluation.
76:17  And they are watering therein with a goblet whose mixture is Zanjabeel.
76:18  A spring therein named Salsabeel.
76:19  And circulate upon them immortalized children. If you see them, you will consider them sprinkled pearls.
76:20  And if you look, then you see bliss, and a Grand Kingdom.
76:21  Upon them are garments of green fine silk (Sundos), and heavy silk brocade (Istabraq). And they will be ornamented with bracelets of silver. And their Lord will be watering them a pure drink.
76:22  “Surely this is a reward for you. And your striving was well thankful.”
76:23  Surely, We are who sent down the Quran upon you, a download.
76:24  So be patient for your Lord judgment, and do not obey among them any sinner or a disbeliever.
76:25  And mention Your Lord Name, morning and evening.
76:26  And from the night, so prostrate for Him, and glorify Him, a long night.
76:27  Surely these are loving the immediate and leaving behind them a Heavy Day.
76:28  Surely, We created them, and strengthened their captivity; and if We will, We will replace them with their likeness, a replacement.
76:29  Surely this is a reminder; so, whoever wills, he takes to his Lord, an access.
76:30  And you are not willing, except that Allah wills. Surely Allah is ever Knower, Wise.
76:31  He enters into His mercy whomever He wills. And the oppressors, He has prepared for them a painful torment.