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76:1  Has there come on man a period of time when he was not a thing even to be mentioned?
76:2  Verily We created man from a semen-drop mixture so as to test him. thus, We made him hear and see.
76:3  We already showed him the way: whether he chooses to be grateful or impious.
76:4  Most surely We have prepared for those who are spiritually dead and blind chains, shackles and blazing fire.
76:5  Verily those who are Pure in Heart will be given a drink of pure wine flavoured with camphor,
76:6  A fountain where the servants of Allâh will drink, making it to gush forth abundantly.
76:7  They fulfill their vows, stand in awe of a day of sweeping terror,
76:8  And give food - in spite of their needs for it- to to the poor man the orphan, and the captive,
76:9  (Saying): “We only feed you for the countenance of Allâh, seeking neither reward nor thanks from you.
76:10  Lo! We stand in awe of a shockingly stressful day from our Lord."
76:11  So Allâh will protect them from the horror of that day, giving them vivacity and joy,
76:12  Rewarding them for what they patiently endured with a Garden and garments of fine silk.
76:13  They will recline therein on couches; and they will feel neither excessive heat nor freezing cold.
76:14  The shade of the Garden will be closely spread upon them while its fruit will be near and easy to be reached.
76:15  There will be made to pass around them, silver dishes and cups of crystal,
76:16  Transparent cups made of silver which they will determine the exact measure of drink.
76:17  They will be given a drink of pure wine flavoured with ginger
76:18  From a fountain called ‘Salsabīl.
76:19  They will be served by immortal youths. If you see them, you will think they were scattered pearls.
76:20  And if you look there in (Al-Jannah), you will see bliss and a great dominion.
76:21  Upon them will be green garments of fine silk and brocade, whereas they will be adorned with bracelets of silver, and their Lord will satisfy their thirst with a pure drink.
76:22  (They will be told): “All this is surely a reward for you. And your struggle has been appreciated."
76:23  Most surely, it is We who have sent down to you the Qurʾān progressively.
76:24  Now, therefore, be patient with the command of your Lord. Do not yield to the whims of any one of them- whoever is either a sinner or an impious.
76:25  And celebrate the (Glorious) Names of your Lord night and day.
76:26  And prostrate before Him during part of the night and glorify Him all night long.
76:27  Surely those (Polytheists) are in love with this worldly life, leaving behind them a heavy day.
76:28  It is We Who created them and perfectly shaped their bodies. But if We will, We can easily replace them with others.
76:29  Surely this is an enlightenment quote, therefore, whoever wills, let him then take a way to his Lord.
76:30  Yet you will not, unless Allâh wills. Most certainly Allâh is ever All-knowing, All-wise.
76:31  He admits whom He wills into His (divine) Mercy. But those who have voluntarily and consciously abandoned the Full Knowledge of the Truth in favour of their own whims, He has prepared for them a painful punishment.