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75:1  Lo! I swear by the Day of Resurrection:
75:2  Lo! I swear by the reproaching voice of the inner self:
75:3  Does man think that We are incapable of constructing his bones?
75:4  Yes indeed! We are Capable of shaping again his own fingertips.
75:5  But man has a natural inclination to evil,
75:6  (Sarcastically) asking, "When will this Day of Resurrection be?"
75:7  (It will be) when the sight is dazzled,
75:8  And the moon is eclipsed,
75:9  And the sun and the moon are brought together,
75:10  On that day man will cry: "Whither to flee?"
75:11  Nay! There is no refuge.
75:12  To your Lord, that day, is the refuge.
75:13  Man will then be fully informed of what he has sent forward and left behind.
75:14  No indeed! Man will testify against himself,
75:15  Even if he offers his excuses.
75:16  Do not Move your tongue with it to hasten
75:17  It is incumbent on Us to collect and recite It.
75:18  So, when We recite It, just follow Its recitation.
75:19  Afterwards, it is also incumbent on Us to explain It.
75:20  Nay ! In fact, you are in love with this fleeting life;
75:21  And you show no interest in the Hereafter.
75:22  Some faces, that day, will be brightly glowing,
75:23  Looking at their Lord!
75:24  And other faces, that day, will be gloomy,
75:25  Thinking that a crushing calamity is about to fall on them.
75:26  No! But when the soul reaches the collarbone,
75:27  There will be a cry: “Where is the enchanter (who can save him).”
75:28  And the dying person becomes aware that it is the parting:
75:29  And then one of his legs is laid over the other.
75:30  On that day to your Lord will be the driving.
75:31  And the (impious) did not acknowledge (the Truth), neither did he pray.
75:32  But on the contrary, he persisted in denying (the Qur’ān), falling away from the Faith.
75:33  Then went off to his family, walking proudly with his head high.
75:34  Lo! Your doom is coming closer and even closer!
75:35  Lo! Once more, your doom is coming closer and even closer!
75:36  Does man think that he will be left without purpose?
75:37  Was he not once a drop of fluid which gushed forth?
75:38  Afterwards he became a clinging clot; and Allâh formed and molded him,
75:39  And made of him pairs, male and female.
75:40  Is not He then Capable of bringing the dead back to life?