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76:1  Hasn’t there been a phase in human history when humans were nothing worthy of mention?
76:2  We created human – from a drop of mixed fluid – to test. We gave them hearing and sight;
76:3  We showed the straight path, to see whether they would be thankful, or an unthankful denier.
76:4  For the disbelievers We’ve prepared chains, iron collars and a Blazing Fire.
76:5  The righteous will drink wine mixed with fragrant herbs,
76:6  a drink from a freely-flowing spring, made for the servants of Allah
76:7  They fulfil their vows, fear a Day whose horror is widespread,
76:8  they feed the needy, the orphan and the prisoner for the love of Allah,
76:9  saying, “We feed you for His sake; we don’t want some payment or thanks from you.
76:10  We fear a Day of calamity and destruction, coming from Our Lord.”
76:11  Allah will protect them from the distress of that Day, their faces will shine with joy
76:12  He rewarded them with breathtaking Gardens and silk clothing for the patience they showed;
76:13  they will rest on comfortable sofas and they won’t have extreme heat or bitter cold;
76:14  low-hanging branches will give them shade and clusters of fruits will be close at hand.
76:15  They will be served in crystal-like silver cups,
76:16  selecting the size of the cups to drink from.
76:17  They will have a drink mixed with ginger,
76:18  from the spring of Salsabil.
76:19  Eternal youth will serve them, and when you see them you will think they are pearls;
76:20  when you look around these delightful scenes, you will see an immense blissful kingdom.
76:21  Their fine clothes will be made of green silk and brocade; they will be adorned with silver bracelets, and their Lord will give them pure drinks.
76:22  It will be said: “This is the reward for you, and today your tireless efforts are gratefully acknowledged.
76:23  We gradually revealed the Majestic Quran to you,
76:24  so wait patiently for the judgement of Your Lord, and don’t obey any of them: the sinner or the ungrateful person.
76:25  Remember the Name of your Lord in the morning and evening,
76:26  and prostrate to Him, and glorify him throughout the night.
76:27  These people love the short-lived world, and dislike a Weighty Day ahead of them.
76:28  We created them, and strengthened their ligaments and joints; if We wanted, We could have totally replaced the likes of them.
76:29  This is a Reminder for anyone who wants to take the road to his Lord.
76:30  You can’t have it unless Allah wills to show you that way, and Allah is Knowing, Wise.
76:31  He cares for anyone He wants, and for the wrongdoers He has prepared a painful punishment