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75:1  I swear by the Day of Judgement,
75:2  and I swear by the self-critical soul!
75:3  Do people think We won’t put together their disintegrated bones?
75:4  Of course, We are capable of restoring even his fingertips.
75:5  Yet they openly commit evil in front of Him,
75:6  and mockingly ask: “When will Judgement Day come?”
75:7  When it comes eyes will be dazzled,
75:8  the moon eclipsed,
75:9  the sun and the moon will appear to be joined together,
75:10  and man will ask that Day: “Where can we flee to?”
75:11  No, there is no safe place.
75:12  That Day, you will be brought before your Lord:
75:13  people will learn what they achieved and what they failed to do.
75:14  They will have evidence against themselves,
75:15  but still offer excuses
75:16  Messenger, don’t read the Quran too fast to memorise it.
75:17  We are responsible for its compilation and recital.
75:18  So when We recite it, then follow its recitation.
75:19  It is also Our responsibility to explain it clearly to you
75:20  You love the fleeting world,
75:21  and dislike the Hereafter.
75:22  That Day, some faces will be shining,
75:23  happily watching their Lord.
75:24  That Day, other faces will be gloomy and grave,
75:25  sensing the occurrence of a back-breaking sufferings.
75:26  Nay, when the soul reaches the breastbone,
75:27  it will be said, “Where’s the charmer doctor who can heal?”
75:28  He will know it’s time to leave,
75:29  the legs will be straightened and brought together;
75:30  then that Day he will be driven toward Your Lord
75:31  He didn’t believe or pray,
75:32  instead he denied and turned his back,
75:33  walked arrogantly amid his people.
75:34  Yet, the Hereafter is drawing closer and closer to you,
75:35  and even more and more closer to you.
75:36  Do people think they aren’t answerable to Allah?
75:37  Weren’t they a drop of emitted semen?
75:38  Then a germ cell that Allah created and perfected?
75:39  Then He made from it the pair: the male and the female.
75:40  Isn’t He the One Who did that? So, isn’t He capable of bringing back to life the dead