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76:1  Has there come upon man a while of (an) era when he was not a thing to be remembered
76:2  Surely We created man from a sperm-drop, a mingling, trying him; so We made him constantly hearing, constantly beholding
76:3  Surely We have guided him upon the way, whether he be thankful or most disbelieving
76:4  Surely We have readied for the disbelievers chains and shackles and a Blaze
76:5  Surely the benign will drink of a cup whose blend is camphor
76:6  A spring whereat drink the bondmen of Allah, making it to gush forth with plenteous gushing (i.e., abundantly)
76:7  They fulfill (their) vows and fear a Day whose evil is spread all over
76:8  And they give food (Literally: feed with food) for the love of Him, (Or: love of it) to the indigent, (and) the orphan, and the captive
76:9  "Surely we feed you only for the Face of Allah. We would not have any recompense from you, nor thankfulness
76:10  Surely we fear from our Lord a most frowning Day most inauspicious."
76:11  So, Allah has protected them from the evil of that Day and has granted (Literally: made them receive) them bloom and pleasure
76:12  And He has recompensed them for (enduring) patiently with a Garden and silk
76:13  Reclining therein upon couches, therein they will see neither sun nor bitter cold
76:14  And the shades thereof will be close upon them, and its picked fruits brought meekly low with all meekness
76:15  And there will be passed round for them vessels of silver and goblets that were (designed) of crystals
76:16  Crystals of silver that they have determined its (measure), an exact determination
76:17  And they are given to drink therein a cup whose blend is ginger
76:18  Therein is a spring whose name is (called) Salsabil
76:19  And eternalized all-young men go round them; when you see them, you reckon them as strewn pearls
76:20  And when you see (them) hence, you see bliss and a great kingdom
76:21  Their upper (covering) will be green clothes of sarcenet and brocade, and they are ornamented with bracelets of silver, and their Lord will give them to drink a drink most pure
76:22  Surely (it will be said), "This is duly yours as a recompense, and your endeavor is (also) to be thanked."
76:23  Surely We, Ever We, have been sending down the Qur'an on you, a successive sending down
76:24  So (endure) patiently under the Judgment of your Lord, and do not obey one of them, vicious or most disbelieving
76:25  And remember the Name of your Lord before sunrise and before sunset
76:26  And (part) of the night; so prostrate yourself to Him, and extol Him through the long night
76:27  Surely these (people) love the hasty (world) and leave behind them a heavy Day
76:28  We, Ever We, created them, and We have upheld their frames; and when We (so) decide, We will exchange their likes, an (easy) exchange
76:29  Surely this is a Reminder; so whoever decides, (may) take (to himself) a way to his Lord
76:30  And in no way can you (Literally: mankind) decide unless Allah (so) decides; surely Allah has been Ever-Knowing, Ever-Wise
76:31  He causes whomever He decides to enter into His mercy; and for the unjust (ones) He has prepared a painful torment