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29:1  Alif. La’am. Mi’em..
29:2  Do the people think that they will be left to say, "We profess belief” (in Allâh) and they will not be led into temptation?
29:3  Verily, We have led those before them into temptation, so Allâh will certainly identify the ones who are true; and will certainly identify the ones who are liars.
29:4  Or do those who keep on falling into sin think that they can outstrip Us? How repugnant is that which they judge!
29:5  Whoever looks forward to the meeting with Allâh (needs to know that) the term predetermined by Allâh is definitely coming. He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knowing.
29:6  Whoever strives hard struggles for the benefit of his own self. Indeed, Allâh is Self-sufficient, above (need of His) creatures.
29:7  Those who adhere to Islamic monotheism and do righteous acts ( in this ‘worldly life’), We will definitely deliver them for the consequences of all their sins, and award them according to the best of that which they used to do.
29:8  We have enjoined on man to be kind and dutiful to his own parents. However, if it happens that they try to oblige you to associate with Me that whereof you have no knowledge, then do not obey them. Unto Me is your return, and I shall inform you of what you used to do.
29:9  Those who adhere to Islamic monotheism and do righteous acts (in this ‘worldly life’), We will definitely admit them into the (company) of the righteous.
29:10  Among the people are some who say, "We believe in Allâh," but if it happens that one of them suffered religious persecution because of his Faith in Allâh, he would consider the persecution which done by the people as (equal as) the tribulation of Allâh. If it happens that victory comes from your Lord, (the Hypocrites) will say, "Indeed, We were with you.” Is not Allâh most knowing of what is within the hearts of all creatures.
29:11  Indeed, Allâh knows the Monotheistic Believers, and indeed, He knows (also) the Hypocrites.
29:12  Those who excessively indulge in disbelief (in Allâh) say unto those who adhere to Islamic monotheism: "Follow our way (i.e. our creed) and will definitely bear your sins.” They cannot bear aught of their sins. Indeed, they are veritable liars.
29:13  But they will definitely bear their own burdens and other burdens beside their own burdens. They will definitely be questioned on the ‘Day of Resurrection’ regarding what they used to mythologize.
29:14  Verily, We sent ‘Noah’ (as Our messenger) to his own people, and he tarried among them a thousand years, less fifty. Subsequently, the severe flood seized them while they were grossly unfair and morally wrong.
29:15  Thus, We saved him as well as the companions of the vessel. We made the ‘Deluge’ a lesson for all the worlds.
29:16  (Mention) ‘Abraham’ when he said unto his people, “Worship (& venerate) Allâh (Alone), and act piously towards him, that is better for you if you did but know.
29:17  You only (venerate &) worship (senseless) idols besides of Allâh. And you create an (intelligible) mendacity. Indeed, those whom you worship (& venerate) besides Allâh have no power to give you sustenance. Thus, seek your sustenance from Allâh, worship (& venerate him alone), and show your gratitude to Him. Eventually, you are all bound to return unto Him.
29:18  But if it happens that you (choose to) deny, then generations before you have also (chosen to) to deny. The responsibility of the messenger is only to preach (& to convey) the message distinctly.
29:19  Have they not considered how Allâh originates the creation, and then repeats it? Indeed, that is extremely easy for Allâh (to do).
29:20  Say, (O’ Muhammad), "Travel through the land and observe how Allâh originated the creation, and then He creates the latter creation. Indeed, Allâh is capable of doing whatever He wills.
29:21  He chastises whom He wills, and shows mercy to whom He wills. Eventually, you are all bound to return unto Him.
29:22  You are incapable of frustrating (the power of Allâh) either on the earth or in the heaven. Other than Allâh, you have no guardian or helper.
29:23  Those who refuse to acknowledge the truth of His Revelations and the truth about the meeting with Him, such have no hope of My clemency. For such there is a painful punishment.
29:24  The answer of the people of ‘Abraham’ was not except that they said: "Kill him or burn him." Thus, Allâh saved him from the fire. Verily, in this are Signs ( of Allâh's power & glory) for people who accept Allâh ( into their life).
29:25  ‘Abraham’ said, "You have taken (for worship) idols instead of Allâh. And the cordiality between you (and those idols) is only in this ‘worldly life’. But on the ‘Day of Resurrection’, you will disown and curse each other. Eventually, your abode will be the inferno, and you will have no helper."
29:26  Consequently, Lot had faith in him. Lo! He said, “I am going to emigrate for the sake of my Lord. Indeed, He is the All- Mighty, the All-Wise."
29:27  We granted him ‘Isaac’ and ‘Jacob’, and placed in his offspring Prophethood and ‘Scripture’. We granted him his reward in this ‘worldly life’, and in the ‘Hereafter’, he will definitely be among the righteous.
29:28  Remember ‘Lot’, when he said to his people, "You commit such obscenity which no one has preceded you in committing it in all the worlds.
29:29  Indeed, you commit sodomy with men, make sudden attack on the caravans and do (all sorts of) abominations in your assemblies.” And the answer of his people was not except that they said, “Bring on us the retribution of Allâh if you are of the truthful."
29:30  He said: "My Lord, help me to be victorious over the people who excessively indulge in corruption.”
29:31  When Our Messengers came to ‘Abraham’ with the joyful news, they said: “We are going to destroy the people of this township (Sodom) because its inhabitants are grossly unfair and morally wrong.”
29:32  He said: "But ‘Lot’ is there." They said, “We know very well who is there. We will definitely save him and his family, except his wife. She is going to be with the ones who remain behind!"
29:33  When our messengers came to ‘Lot’, he became troubled on their account because he was helpless to save them. They said: “Have no fear and let your worries be released. We will save you and your family, except your wife, who is going to be one of those who remain behind.
29:34  Indeed, We are going to bring down upon the people of this township an extremely dreadful torment from the sky as a result of what they used to debauch.”
29:35  Certainly We have left thereof a conspicuous sign (of Our Power & Glory) for a people who are capable of perceiving the intended meaning of (His Signs).
29:36  And, We sent, to Midian, their brother Shu‘ayb (as Our Messenger) . He said, He said, "O my people, worship (& venerate) Allâh (Alone), look forward to (the reward of) the ‘Last Day’, and do not spread corruption.”
29:37  However, they refused to believe him. Thus, the devastating earthquake sized them, and they became motionless bodies at their homes.
29:38  (We chastised the people of) 'Aad’ and ‘Thamūd’ (and brought them into ruin). Verily (their destruction) is very clearly perceptible to you through their ruined dwellings. ‘Satan’ beautified their evil deeds in their eyes. Thus, he was able to preclude them from heading into the right direction although they were endowed with high level of enlightenment.
29:39  (We chastised also) ‘Korah’, ‘Pharaoh’ and Hāmān (and brought them into ruin)!. Absolutely, ‘Moses' came to them with intelligible and conclusive proofs. Instead of (believing him) , they acted arrogantly in the land. They were incapable of preceding Us.
29:40  So each one We chastised for his sin. Of them were some on whom We sent a violent hailstorm, of them were some who were seized by the dreadful cry, of them were some whom We caused the earth to swallow and of them were some whom We drowned. It was not Allâh who intended to wrong them, but they wronged themselves.
29:41  The parable of those who seek to take guardians other than Allâh is as the parable of the spider that takes to itself a house. Indeed, the frailest of houses is the house of the spider; if they but knew.
29:42  Absolutely, Allâh knows what they implore and pray besides Him. He is the All-Mighty, the All- Wise.
29:43  These parables, We set them forth for the people, none will be able to perceive the intended meaning of them except for those who have spiritual gift of knowledge.
29:44  Allâh created the heavens and the earth with truth. Surely there is a sign (of Allâh’s power and glory) in this for those whose Faith is placed in Allâh.
29:45  (O’ ‘Muhammad’), recite what has been revealed unto you of the ‘Book’ and establish the regular Prayer, indeed, prayer prohibits (all sorts of) debauchery and abomination, but verily celebrating the praises of Allâh in gratefulness is more (beneficial for the people). Therefore, (be sure that) Allâh knows what you do.
29:46  Argue not with the ‘People of the Scripture’ (Jews & Christians) except in the best manner of (arguing), except for the ones who are grossly unfair and morally wrong , and say (unto them): “We do believe in that which has been revealed unto us as well as in that which has been revealed unto you. Our God and your God is One. We decided to submit ( ourselves entirely to His authority).”
29:47  Thus, have We revealed unto you the ‘Book’, (the 'Qur’ān'). Those whom We gave the ‘Scripture’ (the ‘Torah’ & ‘Gospel’ aforetime) do believe in, and of these, there are those who believe in It. No one refuses to acknowledge (the divine origin of) Our Revelations except for those who lack Faith (in Allâh).
29:48  You did not read any book before It (this 'Qur’ān'), neither did you write any book with your own right hand; otherwise, the gainsayers have instilled doubt.
29:49  Nay, they are the cognizable ‘Verses’ in the hearts of those who have spiritual gift of knowledge. No one refuses to acknowledge (the divine origin of) Our ‘Verses’ except for those who are grossly unfair and morally wrong .
29:50  They say, "Why are not signs sent down to him from his Lord?" Say, "All the signs do come only from Allâh, and I am not more than a perspicuous warner (whose responsibility is to give warning)."
29:51  Is it not sufficient for them that We have revealed unto you the ‘Book’, (the 'Qur’ān'). which is recited to them? Surely, there is a (divine) clemency in this and an admonition for a people who profess belief (in Allâh).
29:52  Say (unto them, O’ Muhammad), "Sufficient is Allâh for a witness between you and me. He knows whatever is in the heavens and on the earth." And they believe in falsehood, and refuse to accept Allâh (into their life). It is they who are doomed to eternal perdition.
29:53  They ask you to hasten on the (divine) retribution. Had it not been for a term appointed, the (divine) retribution would definitely have come to them. Surely, it will come upon them quickly and unexpectedly while they perceive not!
29:54  They ask you to hasten on the (divine) retribution. Indeed, ‘Gehenna’ will encompass those who are faithless.
29:55  On the ‘Day’ when the doom will enshroud them from above them, and from beneath their feet. It will be said (unto them): "Taste (the result of) what you used to do."
29:56  O’ My (dutiful) servants who adhere to Islamic monotheism, Surely My earth is enormously spacious. Therefore, worship ( & venerate) Me (alone).
29:57  Every ‘Human Self’ is bound to taste death. Eventually, you are all bound to return unto Us.
29:58  Those who who adhere to Islamic monotheism and do righteous acts, We shall definitely give them an abode in high places in ‘Al-Jannah’, underneath which rivers flow, so as to live therein forever. Excellent is the wage of the (righteous) workers.
29:59  Those are the ones who persist in patience and constancy (in their struggle for serving the cause of Allâh) ; and they depended on their Lord with full trust.
29:60  How many a moving creature carries not its own sustenance! Allâh provides for it and for you. He is the All- Hearer, the All-Knowing.
29:61  If it happens that you ask them, "Who has created the heavens and earth , and subjected the sun and the moon?" They will definitely answer, "Allâh." So how they are deceived into going away from the established course?
29:62  Allâh spreads out his subsistence for whom He wills of His servants, and straitens it for whom (He wills). Indeed, Allâh is the All-Knowing of all things.
29:63  If it happens that you ask them, "Who causes water to descend from the sky and resuscitates a land after its death by it? “They will definitely answer, "Allâh." Say, "All the praises and gratitude belong to Allâh!" Nay! Most of them do not possess self- awareness that allows them to understand.
29:64  This ‘worldly life’ is not more than entertainment and activity engaged in for recreation. Verily, the home of the ‘Hereafter’ is the genuine life, if only they knew it.
29:65  When they embark on a vessel, they implore and pray to Allâh, devoting their faith permanently to Him only. But when He brings them safely to land, behold, they associate others (with Him).
29:66  Let them be impious for what We have given them, and let them enjoy themselves (for a while). But they will come to know (the dreadful outcome of their actions).
29:67  Have they not seen that We made (Mecca) a safe sanctuary while people are being quickly seized away from all around them? Then do they believe in falsehood , and give no credence to the grace of Allâh.
29:68  Who is more grossly unfair and morally wrong than the one who contrives a lie against Allâh or stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the truth when it comes to him (clearly)? Is there not a dwelling in ‘Gehenna’ for those who are tempted to disbelieve in Allah.
29:69  Those who strive hard for Us, We shall definitely guide them into Our ways. Allâh is surely with those whose heart is perfect towards Allâh.