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89:1  By the dawn,
89:2  and the ten nights,
89:3  and the even and the odd,
89:4  and the night when it passes!
89:5  Is all this ˹not˺ a sufficient oath for those who have sense?
89:6  Did you not see how your Lord dealt with ’Ȃd—
89:7  ˹the people˺ of Iram—with ˹their˺ great stature,
89:8  unmatched in any other land;
89:9  and Thamûd who carved ˹their homes into˺ the rocks in the ˹Stone˺ Valley;
89:10  and the Pharaoh of mighty structures?
89:11  They all transgressed throughout the land,
89:12  spreading much corruption there.
89:13  So your Lord unleashed on them a scourge of punishment.
89:14  ˹For˺ your Lord is truly vigilant.
89:15  Now, whenever a human being is tested by their Lord through ˹His˺ generosity and blessings, they boast, “My Lord has ˹deservedly˺ honoured me!”
89:16  But when He tests them by limiting their provision, they protest, “My Lord has ˹undeservedly˺ humiliated me!”
89:17  Absolutely not! In fact, you are not ˹even˺ gracious to the orphan,
89:18  nor do you urge one another to feed the poor.
89:19  And you devour ˹others’˺ inheritance greedily,
89:20  and love wealth fervently.
89:21  Enough! When the earth is entirely crushed over and over,
89:22  and your Lord comes ˹to judge˺ with angels, rank upon rank,
89:23  and Hell is brought forth on that Day—this is when every ˹disbelieving˺ person will remember ˹their own sins˺. But what is the use of remembering then?
89:24  They will cry, “I wish I had sent forth ˹something good˺ for my ˹true˺ life.”
89:25  On that Day He will punish ˹them˺ severely, like no other,
89:26  and bind ˹them˺ tightly, like no other.
89:27  ˹Allah will say to the righteous,˺ “O tranquil soul!
89:28  Return to your Lord, well pleased ˹with Him˺ and well pleasing ˹to Him˺.
89:29  So join My servants,
89:30  and enter My Paradise.”