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88:1  Has the news of the Overwhelming Event reached you ˹O Prophet˺?
88:2  On that Day ˹some˺ faces will be downcast,
88:3  ˹totally˺ overburdened, exhausted,
88:4  burning in a scorching Fire,
88:5  left to drink from a scalding spring.
88:6  They will have no food except a foul, thorny shrub,
88:7  neither nourishing nor satisfying hunger.
88:8  On that Day ˹other˺ faces will be glowing with bliss,
88:9  ˹fully˺ pleased with their striving,
88:10  in an elevated Garden,
88:11  where no idle talk will be heard.
88:12  In it will be a running spring,
88:13  along with thrones raised high,
88:14  and cups set at hand,
88:15  and ˹fine˺ cushions lined up,
88:16  and ˹splendid˺ carpets spread out.
88:17  Do they not ever reflect on camels—how they were ˹masterfully˺ created;
88:18  and the sky—how it was raised ˹high˺;
88:19  and the mountains—how they were firmly set up;
88:20  and the earth—how it was levelled out?
88:21  So, ˹continue to˺ remind ˹all, O Prophet˺, for your duty is only to remind.
88:22  You are not ˹there˺ to compel them ˹to believe˺.
88:23  But whoever turns away, persisting in disbelief,
88:24  then Allah will inflict upon them the major punishment.
88:25  Surely to Us is their return,
88:26  then surely with Us is their reckoning.