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89:1  By the dawn,
89:2  by the ten nights,
89:3  by that which is even and that which is odd,
89:4  by the night as it journeys on!
89:5  Is there not in that an oath for a man of sense?
89:6  Have you not heard how your Lord dealt with the 'Ä€d,
89:7  the people of Iram, the many- pillared [city],
89:8  the like of whom has never been created in the whole land?
89:9  And with the ThamÅ«d, who hollowed out rocks in the valley?
89:10  And with Pharaoh, of the tent- pegs?
89:11  They were all transgressors throughout their lands,
89:12  bringing about much corruption there.
89:13  Therefore, your Lord let loose on them the scourge of suffering.
89:14  Your Lord surely observes all.
89:15  As for man, whenever his Lord tries him by His generosity and with a life of ease, he says, 'My Lord is bountiful to me.'
89:16  But whenever He tries him by stinting his means, he says, 'My Lord has disgraced me.'
89:17  No indeed; but you are not generous towards the orphan,
89:18  nor do you urge one another to feed the needy. 18
89:19  You devour the inheritance [of others] greedily,
89:20  and you love wealth passionately.
89:21  No indeed! When the earth is systematically levelled down,
89:22  and your Lord comes, with the angels rank on rank,
89:23  and on that day, hell is brought near, then man will remember, but how will that remembrance avail him?
89:24  He shall say, 'Oh, would that I had prepared for my life!'
89:25  On that day, none will punish as He punishes,
89:26  and none will bind with chains as He binds. (2
89:27  'Oh soul at peace!
89:28  Return to your Lord, well pleased and well pleasing.
89:29  Enter, then, together with My servants!
89:30  Enter My paradise!'