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88:1  Have you heard the story of the Enveloper?
88:2  Some faces on that day are downcast,
88:3  labour weary, worn out,
88:4  about to enter a scorching fire,
88:5  made to drink from a boiling fountain.
88:6  Their only food shall be nothing but dry thorns,
88:7  which will neither nourish nor satisfy their hunger.
88:8  Other faces on that day are jocund,
88:9  well-pleased with their striving,
88:10  in a sublime garden,
88:11  where they hear no babble.
88:12  A running fountain shall be there,
88:13  and raised couches,
88:14  and goblets placed ready,
88:15  and cushions laid in order,
88:16  and carpets spread out.
88:17  Let them reflect on the camels, how they were created;
88:18  and heaven, how it is raised aloft;
88:19  and the mountains, how they are hoisted;
88:20  and the earth, how it is spread out.
88:21  Therefore exhort them; your task is only to exhort.
88:22  You are not their overseer.
88:23  But he who turns his back and disbelieves,
88:24  God shall inflict on him the greatest suffering.
88:25  To Us they shall surely return,
88:26  when We shall bring them to account.