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80:1  He frowned and turned away!
80:2  When the blind man approached him!
80:3  How do you know, perhaps he might be purified!
80:4  Or perhaps he is going to contemplate on the reminder and that remembrance is going to benefit him!
80:5  As for he who thinks himself without need...
80:6  You give attention to him!
80:7  But what is it to you if he is not purified!
80:8  Whereas the one who comes to you with a thirst for knowledge!
80:9  He is in awe!
80:10  Yet you do not give your attention to him!
80:11  No, indeed, it (the Quran) is a reminder.
80:12  So whoever wills shall remember it!
80:13  It is recorded in honored records,
80:14  And exalted and completely purified!
80:15  By the hands (forces) of scribes (recording angels).
80:16  Noble (dignified, supreme) and dutiful,
80:17  Woe to man! May he die (and see the reality)! How he denies!
80:18  From what did He create him?
80:19  He made him from a sperm-drop, and formed his nature!
80:20  Then eased his way.
80:21  Then killed and placed him in the grave (body).
80:22  Then, when He wills, He will resurrect him from his grave (body).
80:23  But no! He has not yet fulfilled what He commanded him (he has not duly fulfilled his vicegerency).
80:24  Let man look at what he eats!
80:25  We poured that water and made it flow in abundance.
80:26  And We split open the earth (and thus),
80:27  We caused sprouts to grow therein.
80:28  Grapes and fresh plants,
80:29  Olives and dates,
80:30  Dense gardens of large trees,
80:31  Fruits and pastures,
80:32  For the benefit of you and your cattle (animals).
80:33  When that frightening blast is heard,
80:34  At that time, man will flee from his brother,
80:35  And from his mother and father,
80:36  And from his wife and sons!
80:37  At that time, each will be to his own!
80:38  (Some) faces that day will be bright,
80:39  Laughing, rejoicing at the good news!
80:40  And (some) faces that day will be covered in dust!
80:41  Covered in darkness!
80:42  They, the falsifiers (who are inclined towards falsity), are the very deniers of the knowledge of the reality!