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81:1  When the Sun is wrapped up (when the mind loses its power in the sight of the reality),
81:2  And the stars are darkened (thought processes cease – ideas shed no light),
81:3  And the mountains are removed (the organs stop working),
81:4  And when the she-camels (objects of wealth and status) are neglected and (worldly values are) abandoned,
81:5  And when the beasts are gathered (animalistic senses lose their power),
81:6  And the seas begin to boil (information obtained via conditionings flame up and boil away in sight of the reality),
81:7  And when the souls are paired (individual consciousnesses are paired with their new spirit bodies),
81:8  And the female infant who was buried alive is asked,
81:9  “For what sin she was killed?”
81:10  And when the recorded pages are made public,
81:11  And the sky is ripped away (when the mind loses its reasoning power),
81:12  And Hell is ignited and set ablaze (the fire of remorse is flared up),
81:13  And Paradise is brought near,
81:14  Every soul (individual consciousness) will know what it has prepared (apprehend the consequences of his deeds during his life in the biological body).
81:15  I swear by ‘al-Hunnas’ (the stars that are not observable during the day due to sunlight),
81:16  And by al-Jawar and al-Qunnas (the planets that run their course and those that orbit near the constellations),
81:17  And by the night as it closes in,
81:18  And by the morning that you breathe in,
81:19  Indeed, it is the word (conveyed by) a noble Rasul;
81:20  A powerful (Rasul)! Secure in the sight of the owner of the Throne!
81:21  Obeyed there (in the heaven) and trustworthy.
81:22  Your companion (Muhammad [saw]) is not possessed!
81:23  Indeed, he observed him in the clear horizon!
81:24  He does not withhold (the knowledge of) the unseen!
81:25  And it is not the word of Satan, the cursed (distanced from the reality)!
81:26  So, where are you going (by leaving the Quran)?
81:27  It is only a reminder to the worlds (humans)!
81:28  For those who want to live by the Truth!
81:29  You cannot will unless Allah, the Rabb of the worlds, wills!