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80:1  He frowned and turned awa
80:2  when the blind man came to him–&ndash
80:3  for all you know, he might have grown in spirit
80:4  or taken note of something useful to him
80:5  For the self-satisfied on
80:6  you go out of your way–&ndash
80:7  though you are not to be blamed for his lack of spiritual growth–&ndash
80:8  but from the one who has come to you full of eagernes
80:9  and aw
80:10  you allow yourself to be distracted
80:11  No indeed! This [Quran] is a lesso
80:12  from which those who wish to be taught should learn
80:13  [written] on honoured
80:14  exalted, pure pages
80:15  by the hands o
80:16  noble and virtuous scribes
80:17  Woe to man! How ungrateful he is
80:18  From what thing does God create him
80:19  He creates him from a droplet, He proportions him
80:20  He makes the way easy for him
80:21  then He causes him to die and be buried
80:22  When He wills, He will raise him up again
80:23  Yet mandoes not fulfil God’s commands
80:24  Let man consider the food he eats
80:25  We pour down abundant wate
80:26  and cause the soil to split open
80:27  We make grain grow
80:28  and vines, fresh vegetation
80:29  olive trees, date palms
80:30  luscious gardens
80:31  fruits, and fodder
80:32  all for you and your livestock to enjoy
80:33  When the Deafening Blast comes–&ndash
80:34  the Day man will flee from his own brother
80:35  his mother, his father
80:36  his wife, his children
80:37  each of them will be absorbed in concerns of their own on that Day
80:38  on that Day some faces will be beaming
80:39  laughing, and rejoicing
80:40  but some faces will be dust-staine
80:41  and covered in darkness
80:42  those are the disbelievers, the licentious