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76:1  Was there not ever a period of time from eternity for the human being when he was not a thing remembered?
76:2  We indeed created the human being from a mixture of fluids that we may try him so We made him hearing and seeing.
76:3  We have guided him to the way either he be grateful or he be ungrateful.
76:4  Indeed We have prepared for the disbelievers chains and fetters and a blazing fire.
76:5  Truly the pious ones will drink from a cup the mixture of which will be Kafur.
76:6  A fountain out of which the true servants of Allah will drink. They will make it flow with a full flowing.
76:7  They fulfill their vows and they fear a day the evil of which is all spreading.
76:8  And they feed the food out of His love to the needy one and to the orphan and to the captive.
76:9  We only feed you for the face of Allah. We don’t want from you any reward or any thanks.
76:10  We indeed fear from our Lord a day which is frowning and somber.
76:11  So Allah safeguarded them from the evil of that day and met them with lambent and delight.
76:12  And rewarded them for their patience with a garden [as their abode] and a silk [as their dress].
76:13  Reclining therein on the couches, they will perceive therein no heat [of the sun] and no cold.
76:14  Its shades are brought low upon them and its fruits are made easy for their reach with a complete ease.
76:15  And they will be waited upon with vessels out of silver and with cups which were made from the very crystal.
76:16  Delicate like crystal made of silver which they measured with a perfect measurement.
76:17  They will be made to drink therein from a cup the mixture of which is indeed ginger.
76:18  A fountain therein called Salsabil.
76:19  And youths of eternal youthfulness will wait upon them. When you see them, you will think them to be pearls strewn around.
76:20  And when you see there you will see a bliss and a grandiose kingdom.
76:21  Upon them will be dresses of fine green silk and brocade and they will be adorned with bangles of silver and their Lord will give them to drink a drink most pure.
76:22  Truly this indeed is a reward for you and your good deeds are indeed accepted with gratitude.
76:23  Indeed We indeed have sent down the Quran unto you gradually.
76:24  Therefore be patient for the wise disposition of your Lord and do not obey from among them any sinful one or any ungrateful one.
76:25  And remember name of your Lord by morning and by evening.
76:26  And do prostrate for Him in the night and glorify Him by a night which is lengthy.
76:27  Truly these ones love the present life and they leave behind them a day most weighty.
76:28  It is We who created them and We made their constitution strong and if We so pleased, We could replace them with the likes of them a complete replacement.
76:29  Truly this is a remembrance so whoever pleases let him take a way to his Lord.
76:30  But it will not be as you please except if Allah pleases. Truly Allah is All-knowing, All-wise.
76:31  He makes enter whom He pleases in His mercy. And as for those who wrong their own souls, He has made ready for them a painful punishment.