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76:1  Has there come upon man a period of time when he was nothing to be mentioned?
76:1  By those who snatch violently.
76:2  Indeed, We created man from a mingled sperm drop to try him, and We made him hearing and seeing.
76:2  By those who remove gently.
76:3  Indeed, We have guided him to the way, be he thankful or a staunch denier.
76:3  By those who glide smoothly,
76:4  Indeed, We have prepared for the deniers chains and yokes and a blaze.
76:4  and by those who race swiftly,
76:5  and by those who regulate matters—
76:5  Indeed, the virtuous drink from a cup whose mixture is camphor—
76:6  a spring from which Allah's servants drink, making it gush abundantly.
76:6  on the day when the Quake quakes
76:7  They fulfill (their) vows and fear a day of widespread evil,
76:7  and is followed by the Successor,
76:8  and they feed—for the love of Him—(any) destitute person and (any) orphan and (any) captive.
76:8  hearts on that day are pounding,
76:9  “Indeed, we only feed youpl for the sake of Allah; We want from you neither repayment nor thankfulness.
76:9  their sight(s) (subdued) in reverence.
76:10  Indeed, we fear from our Lord a frowning, grim day.”
76:10  They say, “Can it be that we will really be restored to the original condition?
76:11  So Allah shielded them from the ills of that day and made them receive radiance and joy
76:11  Can that be when we have become worn out bones?”
76:12  and repaid them for their patience with a Garden (in paradise) and silk (garments);
76:12  They said, “This is a losing return.”
76:13  reclining therein on couches, they see therein neither (the heat of a) sun nor freezing cold.
76:13  Yet, indeed, it is nothing but a single nudge,
76:14  And its shades hover over them, and its clusters (of fruit) are brought low within reach.
76:14  and they are all awake.
76:15  And passing around them are vessels of silver and cups of crystal—
76:15  Has the story of Moses reached yousg?
76:16  crystalline silver cups—that they measured out with perfect measure.
76:16  When His Lord called out to him in the sacred valley of Tuwa,
76:17  And they are served in it with a cup whose flavor is a mixture of ginger,
76:17  “Go to Pharaoh—indeed, he has exceeded all limits—
76:18  (from) a spring therein named Salsabeel.
76:18  and say, 'Do yousg care to be purified?
76:19  And I will guide you to your Lord, so you will be in awe.'”
76:19  And passing among them are immortal youths; when yousg see them, you think them sprinkled pearls.
76:20  And when yousg see, you see there bliss and a vast Dominion.
76:20  So he showed him the biggest sign,
76:21  Upon them are green garments of silk, and (upon them is) brocade, and they have been adorned with bracelets of silver, and their Lord has offered them a pure drink.
76:21  but he disbelieved and disobeyed,
76:22  “Indeed, this is a repayment for youpl, and your efforts have been well thanked.”
76:22  then retreated in haste
76:23  Indeed, We—We alone—have surely bestowed the Recital upon yousg from on high.
76:23  and gathered and proclaimed.
76:24  So wait patiently for the judgment of yoursg Lord, and do not obey any sinner or any staunch denier among them.
76:24  He said, “I am yourpl Lord, the most high.”
76:25  And remember the Name of yoursg Lord morning and evening,
76:25  So Allah seized him with an exemplary punishment, in the Last (life) and in the First.
76:26  and for part of the night prostrate yourself to Him, and highly exalt Him long into the night.
76:26  Indeed, in this is a lesson for whoever fears.
76:27  Indeed, these love the fleeting life and leave behind them a heavy day.
76:27  Are youpl more difficult to create or the heaven? He constructed it:
76:28  We have created them and have strengthened their frame, and whenever We will, We can replace them entirely with others like them.
76:28  He raised its masses and proportioned it,
76:29  Indeed, this is a Reminder. So whoever wills, let him take a way to his Lord.
76:29  and He dimmed its night and brought out its daylight.
76:30  Yet youpl cannot will, unless Allah wills. Indeed, Allah has always been All-Knowing, All- Wise.
76:30  And the earth, after that—He spread it out;
76:31  He enters into His mercy whomever He wills, and the unjust— He has prepared for them a painful punishment.
76:31  from it He brought out its water and its pasture,
76:32  and the mountains He anchored—
76:33  a source of enjoyment for youpl and for your livestock.
76:34  So when the Biggest Catastrophe arrives—
76:35  on the day when man reminds himself of what he has endeavored,
76:36  and purgatory is displayed to whoever sees.
76:37  So as for the one who exceeded all limits
76:38  and preferred the Earlier Life,
76:39  then indeed, purgatory is the shelter.
76:40  But as for the one who feared standing before his Lord and forbade the self (its) whim,
76:41  then indeed, the Garden (of Paradise) is the shelter.
76:42  They ask yousg about the Hour: “When will it take place?”
76:43  What have yousg to do with mentioning it?
76:44  To yoursg Lord is its finality.
76:45  You are just a forewarner for whoever fears it.
76:46  On the day when they witness it, it will be as though they tarried (in the world) but the evening of one day or its morning.