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76:1  Was there (ever) a period of time when man was not worth a mention
76:2  We have certainly created man from a drop of mixed semen, (in order) to test him. Therefore, We made him capable of hearing and seeing
76:3  Indeed, We (also) showed man the (right) path. (Now), he may either (accept and) be grateful, or reject (and be ungrateful)
76:4  We have certainly prepared chains, shackles and the blazing fire for the unbelievers
76:5  While the righteous ones would get to drink from cups filled with camphor flavored wine
76:6  (Gushing from) the springs. The servants of Allah will drink right from it. They would channel the springs with ease
76:7  (Because they) fulfill (their) vows, and fear the day of widespread disaster
76:8  And for the sake of His love, they feed the poor (and needy), the orphans and the captives
76:9  (They say), "For the sake of Allah, we feed you. We do not expect anything from you in return, not even thanks!"
76:10  "In fact, we fear a dreary day of affliction from our Lord, a very long day (indeed)!"
76:11  But, Allah will protect them from the evil (and torture) of such a day; He would grant them the glow of beauty and joy
76:12  The paradise _ and (a wardrobe of) fine silk (garments) _ would be their reward for what they patiently endured
76:13  In the paradise, they would recline (and relax) on couches. (There), they shall neither be troubled by the heat of the sun, nor by the excessive biting cold
76:14  The shades of paradise would (shield them and) cover them all around. The cluster of fruit would droop low, within easy reach
76:15  Silver goblets, and clear crystal glasses would be circulated among them
76:16  Goblets made of crystal clear silver would be filled to measure, as per their wishes
76:17  In paradise, they would be given a cup (of wine) to drink; it would have the flavor of ginger
76:18  The spring (of wine) in paradise is called ´The salsabeel´
76:19  Youthful lads, staying young forever, would (go around and) wait on them. (So handsome), you would take them for scattered pearls when you see them
76:20  In the paradise, you will find (the idyllic bliss and) blessings everywhere; splendors of the great empire
76:21  They will wear green garments made of fine silk and rich brocade. They shall don silver (arm bands and) bracelets as adornments. Their Lord will give them a pure (refreshing) drink
76:22  (They shall hear), "This is really your reward. Your efforts (in life) have found acceptance (and borne fruit in the afterlife)."
76:23  Indeed, it is We Who revealed to you the Qur´an in stages, a little at a time
76:24  Therefore, submit to the commands of your Lord, patiently. And do not obey the sinners, the unbelievers among them
76:25  And remember your Lord´s name, each morning and evening
76:26  Prostrate before Him during part of the night. Chant His praises during the long hours of the night
76:27  In fact, the unbelievers love the present (transient) life, the one easy to earn (and attain), while they put behind (and out of their mind), the remembrance of a grievous onerous day
76:28  It is We Who created them. We gave them their strength and vigor. Whenever We wish, We can replace them all together. We can easily bring in their place others like them
76:29  Indeed, this (Qur´an) is a reminder! (Now), whoever wishes may follow the path (that leads) to his Lord
76:30  But you cannot will anything, unless Allah wills it so. Indeed, Allah is all-Knowing, all-Wise
76:31  He ushers into His mercy whomever He wills. For the evil doers, He has prepared a painful punishment