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al-Insan (Man)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah Man(al-Insan)
76:1 Did there not pass over man a long space of time; during which he was a thing not worthy of remembrance?
76:2 Verily we have created man of the mingled seed of both sexes, that We might prove him: And We have made him to hear and to see.
76:3 We have surely directed him in the way; whether he be grateful, or ungrateful.
76:4 Verily we have prepared for the unbelievers chains, and collars, and burning fire.
76:5 But the just shall drink of a cup of wine, mixed with the water of Cafur,
76:6 a fountain whereof the servants of God shall drink; they shall convey the same by channels whithersoever they please.
76:7 These fulfil their vow, and dread the day, the evil whereof will disperse itself far abroad;
76:8 and give food unto the poor, and the orphan, and the bondman, for his sake,
76:9 saying, we feed you for God's sake only: We desire no recompense from you, nor any thanks:
76:10 Verily we dread, from our Lord, a dismal and calamitous day.
76:11 Wherefore God shall deliver them from the evil of that day, and shall cast on them brightness of countenance, and joy;
76:12 and shall reward them, for their patient persevering, with a garden, and silk garments:
76:13 Therein shall they repose themselves on couches; they shall see therein neither sun nor moon;
76:14 and the shades thereof shall be near spreading above them, and the fruits thereof shall hang low, so as to be easily gathered.
76:15 And their attendants shall go round about unto them, with vessels of silver, and goblets:
76:16 The bottles shall be bottles of silver shining like glass; they shall determine the measure thereof by their wish.
76:17 And therein shall they be given to drink of a cup of wine, mixed with the water of Zenjebil,
76:18 a fountain in paradise named Salsabil:
76:19 And youths, which shall continue for ever in their bloom, shall go round to attend them; when thou seest them, thou shalt think them to be scattered pearls:
76:20 And when thou lookest, there shalt thou behold delights, and a great kingdom.
76:21 Upon them shall be garments of fine green silk, and of brocades, and they shall be adorned with bracelets of silver: And their Lord shall give them to drink of a most pure liquor;
76:22 and shall say unto them, verily this is your reward: And your endeavour is gratefully accepted.
76:23 Verily We have sent down unto thee the Koran, by a gradual revelation.
76:24 Wherefore patiently wait the judgment of thy Lord; and obey not any wicked person or unbeliever among them.
76:25 And commemorate the name of thy Lord, in the morning, and in the evening:
76:26 And during some part of the night worship Him, and praise Him a long part of the night.
76:27 Verily these men love the transitory life, and leave behind them the heavy day of judgment.
76:28 We have created them, and have strengthened their joints; and when We please, We will substitute others like unto them, in their stead.
76:29 Verily this is an admonition: And whoso willeth, taketh the way unto his Lord:
76:30 But ye shall not will, unless God willeth; for God is knowing, and wise.
76:31 He leadeth whom He pleaseth into his mercy: But for the unjust hath He prepared a grievous punishment.


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