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76:1  Does man not recognize a stage of his life in which he was practically nothing worth to mention
76:2  Your Creator created you from a tiny embryo and then gave you the faculties of sight and hearing in order for you to go through the school of life
76:3  God has showered mankind indiscriminately with His favor, by showing the right path; no matter how grateful or ungrateful man is
76:4  As to the ungrateful ones, God has prepared for them iron chains, iron collars and a blazing Fire
76:5  The grateful one, on the other hand, will fill their cup from a tasteful drink of a spring in Paradise known as Kafour
76:6  The spring from which the believers will drink will never dry up
76:7  The believers are those who fulfill their vows and are afraid of the day that its terror will reach the guilty one as far as he is
76:8  The true believers are those who prefer to stay hungry and give their food to the needy, the orphan and the captive
76:9  They will say: “We feed you just to please our Lord and do not ask anything in return from you.”
76:10  Indeed we are afraid of the stern and distressful day of judgment
76:11  God has already saved them from the evil of that day and they will be happy with joyful faces
76:12  And God rewards them, for their patience in hardship, with garments made of silk in gardens of Paradise
76:13  Wherein they relax and not suffer neither the hot days under the sun nor the cold nights under the moon
76:14  They enjoy the shadow of the trees whose fruits are easily accessible to them
76:15  They are served drinks in silver cups and crystal goblets
76:16  Their silver made transparent cups are filled as much as they wish
76:17  They enjoy drinks of delicious flavors from…
76:18  … a spring therein known as “Salsabil.&rdquo
76:19  Their servers are ageless youth who resemble to scattered pearls in beauty
76:20  When you look around, you will see blessing all over; a magnificent dominion
76:21  Wearing fin green silk garments with gold embroidery and carrying silver bracelets, they will be admitted to the receptions wherein God will offer them pure drinks
76:22  This is the way that God appreciates your efforts meant to please Him
76:23  I (God) have revealed to you this Qur’an as a special favor
76:24  Patiently carry out your Lord’s commandments and do not accept any disbelievers’ invitation to sin
76:25  And glorify the name of your Lord day and night
76:26  When the night comes, worship God by bowing down and prostrating before Him; adore and glorify your Lord for the longest time
76:27  People are so preoccupied with this transitory life that they forget about the somber Day of Judgment which awaits them
76:28  I (God) have created them and I have given them the authority; anytime that I wish, I may replace them with another kind of creature
76:29  This is a reminder; you are free to choose the path which leads to your Lord
76:30  Your goal will be accomplished, if it coincides with the will of God, the Most Knowledgeable, the Most Wise
76:31  God shows mercy to whoever He wants. As for evil-doers, God has prepared an awful punishment