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74:1  O thou, the one who wrapped himself in a cloak!
74:2  Stand up and warn!
74:3  And magnify thy Lord
74:4  and purify thy garments
74:5  and abandon contamination!
74:6  And reproach not others to acquire more for yourself.
74:7  And for thy Lord, then, have thou patience.
74:8  Then, when the horn is sounded,
74:9  truly, that Day will be a difficult day,
74:10  and not easy for the ones who are ungrateful.
74:11  Forsake to Me whom I alone created.
74:12  I assigned to him the spreading out of wealth
74:13  and children as ones who bear witness.
74:14  And I made smooth for him, a making smooth.
74:15  Again, he is desirous that I increase it.
74:16  No indeed; he had been stubborn about Our signs.
74:17  I will constrain him with a hard ascent.
74:18  Truly, he deliberated and calculated.
74:19  Then, perdition to him! How he calculated!
74:20  Again, perdition to him! How he calculated!
74:21  Again, he looked on
74:22  and, again, he frowned and scowled.
74:23  Again, he drew back and grew arrogant.
74:24  And he said: This is nothing but fabricated old sorcery.
74:25  This is nothing but the saying of a mortal.
74:26  I will scorch him in Saqar.
74:27  And how will thee recognize what Saqar is?
74:28  It forsakes not nor causes anything to remain,
74:29  scorching the mortal.
74:30  Over it there are nineteen.
74:31  We assigned none but angels to be wardens of the Fire and We made the amount of them not but as a test for those who were ungrateful. So those who were given the Book are reassured and those who believed, add to their belief. And will not doubt those who were given the Book and the ones who believe. And say to those who in their hearts is a sickness and the ones who are ungrateful: What had God wanted by this example? Thus, God causes to go astray whom He wills, and He guides whom He wills. And none knows the armies of thy Lord but He. And it is not other than a reminder for the mortals.
74:32  No indeed! By the moon
74:33  and the night when it drew back
74:34  and polished is the morning.
74:35  Truly, it is one of the greatest of all things
74:36  as a warner to the mortals,
74:37  to whomever willed among you that he go forward or remain behind.
74:38  Every soul is a pledge for what it earned
74:39  but the Companions of the Right
74:40  will be in Gardens and will demand of one another
74:41  about the ones who sin:
74:42  What thrust you into Saqar?
74:43  They would say: We be not among the ones who formally pray
74:44  and we were not those who feed the needy.
74:45  And we had been ones who engage in idle talk along with the ones who engage in idle talk.
74:46  And we had been denying the Day of Judgment
74:47  until the certainty of the Hour approached us.
74:48  Then, intercession will not profit them from the ones who are intercessors.
74:49  Then, what is the matter with them that they are ones who turn aside from the admonition,
74:50  as though they had been frightened donkeys
74:51  that ran away from a lion?
74:52  Nay! Every man among them wants to be given unrolled scrolls.
74:53  No indeed! Nay! They fear not the world to come.
74:54  No indeed! Truly, it is an admonition.
74:55  So let whoever willed, remember it.
74:56  But they will not remember unless God wills. He is Worthy of God-consciousness and He is Worthy of granting The Forgiveness.