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75:1  I swear an oath by the Day of Resurrection.
75:2  And I swear an oath by the reproachful soul.
75:3  Assumes the human being that We will never gather his bones?
75:4  Yea! We are ones who have power to shape his fingers again.
75:5  Nay! The human being wants to act immorally in front of him.
75:6  He asks: When is this Day of Resurrection?
75:7  But when their sight will be astonished
75:8  and the moon will cause the earth to be swallowed
75:9  and the sun and the moon will be gathered,
75:10  the human being will say on that Day: Where is a place to run away to?
75:11  No indeed! There is no refuge.
75:12  With thy Lord on this Day will be thy recourse.
75:13  The human being will be told on that Day what he put forward and what he postponed.
75:14  Nay! The human being is clear evidence against himself.
75:15  And although he would cast his excuses,
75:16  impel not thy tongue to hasten it.
75:17  Truly, on Us is his amassing and its Recitation.
75:18  But when We recited it, follow thou its Recitation.
75:19  From Us after that is its clear explanation.
75:20  No indeed! Nay! You love that which hastens away
75:21  and forsake the world to come.
75:22  Faces on that Day will be ones that beam,
75:23  ones that look towards their Lord.
75:24  And faces on that day will be ones that scowl.
75:25  Thou will think that against them is wreaked a crushing calamity.
75:26  No indeed! When it reached the collar bones at death
75:27  and it was said: Where is one who is a wizard to save me?
75:28  And he thought it to be his parting
75:29  and one leg was intertwined with the other leg,
75:30  that Day he will be driving toward thy Lord
75:31  for he established not the true nor invoked blessings
75:32  and he denied and turned away.
75:33  He went to his people again, going arrogantly.
75:34  Closer to thee! And closer to thee!
75:35  Again closer to thee! And closer to thee!
75:36  Assumes the human being that he will be left aimless?
75:37  Was he not a sperm-drop to be emitted in seminal fluid?
75:38  Again, he had been a clot and He created him and shaped him.
75:39  Then, He made of him two pairs, the male and the female.
75:40  Is not that One Who Has Power over that able to give life to the dead?