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52:1  By the Mount
52:2  and by a Book inscribe
52:3  on parchment outspread
52:4  by the house inhabited
52:5  by the canopy raised
52:6  and by the sea swelling over
52:7  truly thy Lord’s Punishment shall come to pass
52:8  None can avert it
52:9  On a day when the sky churns with [great] churning
52:10  and the mountains move with [great] motion
52:11  woe that Day to the denier
52:12  who play in idle talk
52:13  a day when they are thrust violently into the Fire of Hell
52:14  “This is the Fire that you used to deny
52:15  Is this sorcery, or do you not see
52:16  Burn therein! Be patient, or be not patient; it will be the same for you. You are only requited for that which you used to do.
52:17  Truly the reverent shall be in Gardens and bliss
52:18  rejoicing in what their Lord has given them. And their Lord has shielded them from the punishment of Hellfire
52:19  “Eat and drink in enjoyment for that which you used to do,
52:20  reclining upon couches arrayed, and We shall wed them to wide-eyed maidens
52:21  And those who believe and whose progeny followed them in faith, We shall cause their progeny to join them and will not stint aught of their deeds. Each man shall be held in pledge for that which he has earned
52:22  And We shall bestow upon them fruits and meat as they desire
52:23  Therein they shall pass to one another a cup wherein is no idle talk, nor incitement to sin
52:24  and there wait upon them youths, for them, as if they were hidden pearls
52:25  And they will turn to one another, questioning each other
52:26  saying, “Truly aforetime, when among our families, we were anxious
52:27  but God was gracious unto us and shielded us from the punishment of the scorching wind
52:28  Truly we did call upon Him aforetime. Truly He is the Righteous, the Merciful.
52:29  So remind, for thou art not, by the Blessing of thy Lord, a soothsayer or one possessed
52:30  Or do they say, “A poet—let us await the vagaries of fate for him.
52:31  Say, “Wait! For truly I am waiting along with you.
52:32  Do their minds command them to this, or are they a rebellious people
52:33  Or do they say, “He has invented it”? Nay, but they believe not
52:34  Then let them bring an account like unto it, if they are truthful
52:35  Were they created from naught? Or are they the creators
52:36  Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Nay, but they have no certainty
52:37  Do they possess the treasuries of your Lord? Or are they in control
52:38  Or do they have a ladder whereby they listen? Then let their listener bring a clear warrant
52:39  Does He have daughters while you have sons
52:40  Or dost thou ask a reward of them, such that they are burdened with debt
52:41  Or do they possess the Unseen, such that they write it down
52:42  Or do they desire to devise [a scheme]? Then those who disbelieve shall be the ones against whom a scheme is devised
52:43  Or do they have a god other than God? Glory be to God above the partners they ascribe
52:44  Were they to see a fragment falling from the sky, they would say, “A heap of clouds.
52:45  So leave them until they meet the Day when they will be thunderstruck
52:46  a day when their scheming will avail them naught and they will not be helped
52:47  And truly for those who do wrong there is punishment besides that. But most of them know not
52:48  Be patient with the judgment of thy Lord, for thou art before Our eyes; hymn the praise of thy Lord when thou dost rise
52:49  and at night glorify Him, and at the receding of the stars