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52:1  By (the Mountain) Tur
52:2  And by the Book inscribed
52:3  (Which is) on an Unfolded Scroll
52:4  And by the House populated (by the angels i.e., the Ka‘ba in heaven)
52:5  And by the Lofty Roof (i.e., the High Heaven or the Most Exalted Throne)
52:6  And by the swelling sea
52:7  Surely, the torment of your Lord will do take place
52:8  No one can avert it
52:9  The Day when the heaven will shake with a terrible tremor
52:10  And the mountains (leaving their locations) will fly fast (like clouds) and scatter (like dust particles)
52:11  So on that Day, woe to those who belie
52:12  Those who are playing a game of negligence, rapt in falsehood (i.e., absurdity)
52:13  The Day when they will be forcefully pushed towards the Fire of Hell
52:14  (It will be said to them:) ‘This is the Fire of Hell you used to belie
52:15  So is it magic, or do you not see
52:16  Enter it. Then it is all the same for you whether you observe patience, or you do not observe patience. You will be paid only for those deeds which you used to do.
52:17  Surely, the Godfearing will be in the Gardens and Bliss
52:18  They will be delighted at (the bestowals) their Lord will have blessed them with. And their Lord will keep them safe from the punishment of Hell
52:19  (It will be said to them:) ‘Relish food and drink as a reward for the (pious) deeds which you used to do.
52:20  They will be reclining (sitting) on couches arranged in rows, and We will marry them to maidens with fair colour (and) fascinating eyes
52:21  And those who believe and whose children follow them in faith, We shall also unite their children with them (in the ranks of Paradise even if their actions would not fall in that grade. It would be in the honour of their pious fathers). And We shall also not reduce in anyway the reward of the actions of their (pious fathers. Besides this,) everyone will be held in (reward and punishment for) his own works
52:22  And We will keep giving them fruit and meat more and more as they desire
52:23  There, they will take the cups (of holy drink) by grabbing. This (holy drink of Paradise) will be free of foolish talk and sinful acts
52:24  And (the serving) youths will go round them as if they were pearls kept hidden in covers
52:25  And they will turn to one another, enquiring well-being
52:26  They will say: ‘Surely before this, we used to live in fear (of Allah’s torment) in our homes
52:27  So Allah has been Gracious to favour us and has saved us from the punishment of the Fire of Hell
52:28  Indeed, we used to worship Him alone beforehand. Surely, He is Most Gracious, Ever-Merciful.
52:29  So, (O Esteemed Beloved,) continue to admonish (them). By the grace and blessing of your Lord, you are neither a soothsayer (the one who gives news through the jinn) nor a madman
52:30  Do the disbelievers say: ‘(He is) a poet for whom we look forward to some temporal disasters’
52:31  Say: ‘Wait on, I am also waiting together with you (for your destruction).
52:32  Do their mental faculties suggest them this (foolishness), or are they rioters and rebels
52:33  Or do they say: ‘He (the Messenger) has invented it (the Qur’an) himself’? (No indeed;) rather they simply do not believe (in the truth)
52:34  So let them produce a treatise like this (Qur’an) if they are truthful
52:35  Have they been created by nothing, or are they themselves the creators
52:36  Or did they create the heavens and the earth themselves? (No,) in fact, they do not have any faith (in the truth)
52:37  Or do they own the treasures of your Lord? Or are they guards and watchmen over them
52:38  Or do they have any ladder (by which they ascend) and listen stealthily (to the heaven)? So let the listener amongst them bring the clear proof
52:39  Are there daughters for Him (the Lord) and sons for you
52:40  Do you ask them for wages that they are weighed down with debt
52:41  Do they have (the knowledge of) the unseen that they write down
52:42  Do they seek to deceive (you) by trickery? Those who disbelieve are being caught in their own trap
52:43  Do they have any god other than Allah? Glory be to Allah, above all what they set up as a partner (with Allah)
52:44  And if they see a fragment of the sky falling (on them, even then) they will say: ‘It is a layered (thick) cloud.
52:45  So leave them (in their plight) till they meet that Day of theirs when they will be destroyed
52:46  The Day when their plots will be of no use to them, nor will they be helped
52:47  And for those who are committed to doing wrong, there is a torment for them besides this torment as well but most of them do not know
52:48  And, (O Esteemed Beloved, do not grieve over what they say). Wait patiently for the command of your Lord. Surely, you are (at all times) before Our Eyes.* And glorify your Lord with His praise whenever you stand forth
52:49  And also glorify Him during the hours of the night and (in later part of it) when the stars fade out