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52:1  By the Mount (Sinai)
52:2  by the book (Torah) writte
52:3  on parchment for distribution
52:4  by the established House (Mecca)
52:5  by the high ceiling (heaven)
52:6  and by the swelling ocean
52:7  the torment of your Lord will inevitably take plac
52:8  and no one will be able to prevent it
52:9  On the day when the heavens will swiftly fl
52:10  and the mountains quickly move
52:11  Woe will be to those who rejected the Trut
52:12  and who indulged in false disputes against (God's revelations)
52:13  On that day they will be violently pushed into the fir
52:14  and they will be told, "This is the fire which you called a lie
52:15  Is it magic or do you not still see
52:16  Burn in its heat. It is all the same for you whether you exercise patience or not; This is the recompense for your deeds"
52:17  The pious will live in bountiful Paradise
52:18  talking of what they have received from their Lord and of how their Lord has saved them from the torment of hell
52:19  They will be told, "Eat and drink to your heart's delight for what you have done"
52:20  They will recline on couches arranged in rows and We shall couple them with maidens with large, lovely eyes
52:21  The offspring of the believers will also follow them to Paradise. So shall We join their offspring to them because of their faith. We shall reduce nothing from their deeds. Everyone will be responsible for his own actions
52:22  We shall provide them with fruits and the meat of the kind which they desire
52:23  They will pass cups of un-intoxicating and unsinful wine to one another
52:24  They will be served by youths who will be as beautiful as pearls
52:25  They will turn to one another ask questions
52:26  saying, "We were afraid while in the world
52:27  But God has granted us favors and saved us from the scorching heat of the torment
52:28  We had prayed to Him; He is Kind and All-merciful"
52:29  (Muhammad), remind them, by the Grace of your Lord, that you are neither a soothsayer or an insane person
52:30  Do they say, "He is only a poet and we are waiting to see him die!?"
52:31  Say, "Wait, I too am waiting with you"
52:32  Does their reason tell them to say this or is it because they are a rebellious people
52:33  Do they say, "He has falsely invented it (the Quran)?" In fact, they themselves have no faith
52:34  Let them produce a discourse like it if they are true in their claim
52:35  Have they been created from nothing or are they themselves their own creators
52:36  Have they created the heavens and the earth? In fact, they have no strong faith
52:37  Do they own the treasures of your Lord? Have they any authority over God
52:38  Do they have a ladder (by which they can climb up to the heavens) and listen (to the angels) and come back to the rest of the people with clear authority
52:39  Do the daughters belong to Him and the sons to you
52:40  Do you (Muhammad) ask them for any payment (for your preaching) which they cannot afford
52:41  Do they have knowledge of the unseen, thus, are able to predict (the future)
52:42  Do they design evil plans? The disbelievers themselves will be snared by their evil plots
52:43  Do they have another god besides God? God is too exalted to be considered equal to the idols
52:44  Even if they were to see a part of the heavens falling down upon them, they would say, "It is only dense cloud"
52:45  So leave them alone until they face the day when they will be struck dead from terro
52:46  and when their evil plans will be of no benefit to them nor will they be helped
52:47  The unjust will suffer other torments besides this but most of them do not know
52:48  Wait patiently for the command of your Lord. We are watching over you. Glorify your Lord when you rise during the nigh
52:49  and glorify Him after the setting of the stars