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29:1  A. L. M
29:2  Have the people assessed that they would not be subjected to accountability because they say: 'we have Believed', and they would not be put to test and trial
29:3  And surely, indeed We put to test and trial those before them. And surely, Allah will make known those who remained true (to the requirements of the Faith) and surely He will make known (all) those who are liars
29:4  Have those who commit evil deeds assessed that they will outstrip Us (i.e., escape Our Punishment)? Evil became that which they decide as a verdict
29:5  Whoever used to hope for meeting Allah, then Allah’s appointed time is surely coming. And He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower
29:6  And whoever strove, then surely what (is true is that) he strives for his own self. Verily, Allah is surely Free of all wants unto the worlds
29:7  And those who have Believed and performed righteous deeds, surely We shall write off from them their evil deeds, and We shall indeed reward them better than what they used to do
29:8  And We have enjoined on (every) human being (to remain) good and dutiful to his parents. And if the twain made efforts on you that you commit shirk regarding Me — about that you have no knowledge, so do not obey those two. Unto Me is your returning place, so I shall tell you about what you used to do
29:9  And those who have Believed and have performed righteous deeds, We shall surely admit them among the righteous people
29:10  And of mankind (is that) who says: “We have Believed in Allah,” then when he was made to suffer ‘in (the Cause of) Allah’, he regarded the test and trial at the hands of humans like a punishment from Allah. And surely, if there came assistance from your Nourisher-Sustainer (leading to a Muslim victory), surely (the hypocrites will immediately) say: “Verily, we have remained alongwith you (Muslims)!” Is then not Allah more aware of what is in the chests of the worlds
29:11  And surely Allah will make known those who have accepted Faith, and surely He will make known the hypocrites
29:12  And those who have disbelieved said regarding those who have accepted Faith: “Follow our way of life and we shall surely bear the burden of your sins,” although they are not the bearer of burdens of any thing of their sins. Surely, they are indeed liars
29:13  And surely, they will bear their own burdens and burdens (of those whom they misled) alongwith their own burdens; and indeed they would be put to questioning on (the) Day of the Hereafter about what they used to forge (as falsehoods)
29:14  And truly, indeed We sent Nuh to his nation, so he stayed among them a thousand years less (by only) fifty years; then the Deluge overtook them while they were transgressors
29:15  Then We provided a safe-passage to him and the people in the Ark and We made this incident as Aayatan (a lesson, a sign or a warning) for the worlds
29:16  And (remember) Ibrahim when he said to his nation: “Pay obedience to Allah, and be dutiful to Him. This to you will be better for you if you had been knowing (the reality)
29:17  Certainly, what you worship besides Allah (are nothing but) idols and you invent (only) falsehood. Truly, those whom you worship besides Allah, they possess not for you (any) sustenance. So seek provision with Allah (Alone) and pay obedience to Him and be grateful to Him. To Him you will be brought back
29:18  And if you deny, then surely have denied the communities before you. And there is not as a duty on the Messenger except conveying (the Message) plainly and manifestly.”
29:19  Have they then not seen how Allah originates the creation, then He will repeat it ? Verily, this is very easy for Allah
29:20  Say: “Travel through the world, then watch how He originated the creation. Afterwards will Allah spread the later creation. Surely Allah is All-Capable over every thing
29:21  He punishes whom He thinks proper and brings mercy unto whom He thinks proper, and to Him you will be made to return
29:22  And you are not those who may frustrate (the Plan of Allah) in the world, and nor in the heaven. And (there is) not for you, besides Allah, out of a Wali, and nor a Helper .
29:23  And those who have disbelieved in the Ayaat of Allah and a Meeting with Him — they have lost hope of My Mercy and they: for them is a painful torment
29:24  And there was not an answer from his nation except that they said: “Kill him or burn him,” but Allah saved him from the fire. Verily, in this are indeed Ayaat (signs) for a nation who Believe
29:25  And (Ibrahim) said: “Certainly, what you have adopted besides Allah, (are nothing but just) idols. Attachment amongst you is restricted to the life of this world. Afterwards, on the Day of Resurrection, some of you would reject some (others), and some of you would invoke curse on some (others), and your abode will be the Fire. And (there is) not for you, out of (the) helpers.”
29:26  So Lout accepted Faith because of him and said: “Certainly I become one who emigrates to my Nourisher-Sustainer. Certainly He: He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise .
29:27  And We bestowed on him Ishaque and Yaqub, and We retained the Prophethood and Al-Kitab in his progeny, and We granted him his due reward in this world. And surely he, in the Hereafter, is indeed, out of the righteous individuals
29:28  And (remember) Lout when he said to his nation: “Surely you, indeed you come to Al-Fahishah; no one out of the worlds has preceded you people in this (perversion)
29:29  Is it (that) certainly you people, indeed you, approach males and cut off the highway (to force men to submit to your lusts), and you practice abomination in your social clubs?” So there was not an answer from his nation except that they said: “Come to us with the torment of Allah if you are out of the truthful.”
29:30  (Lout) said: “My Nourisher-Sustainer! Provide me assistance over the nation of Al-Mufsidun.
29:31  And when Our messengers (angels) came to Ibrahim with the glad tidings (of the birth of a son), they (also) said: “Verily, we are (appointed as) destroyers to the residents of this town. Surely, its residents have turned transgressors
29:32  (Ibrahim) said: “Surely, therein is Lout!” (The angels) said: “We know better about that who is therein. Surely, we will save him and his family, except his wife; she has become of those who bury themselves under dust and debris .
29:33  And when it so happened that Our messengers had reached Lout, he felt concerned about them; and became, because of them, constrained. And (providing him assurance) they said: “Fear not, and do not grieve! Surely, we are rescuers to you and to your family except for your wife. She has become of those who bury themselves under dust and debris
29:34  Surely, we are those who will bring over the residents of this town an abominable punishment from towards the sky because they have been committing Fisq (rebellion and defiance) .
29:35  And surely, indeed We left therefrom a manifest sign for a nation who use intellect
29:36  And to Madyan (We sent) their brother Shuaib. So he said: “O my nation! Pay obedience to Allah and pay heed to the Last Day, and do not roam on the earth as disruptionists and mischief-mongers .
29:37  But they belied him, so the earthquake seized them, and they faced the morning in their residence as lying dead and motionless
29:38  And ’Ad and Samud (people)! And indeed, has become clear to you through their (ruined) dwellings (their complete destruction and doom). And Satan made their deeds fair-seeming to them and deviated them from the (Right) Path and they became helpless beholders
29:39  And (We also destroyed) Qarun, and Firaun, and Haman. And surely, indeed came to them Musa with Al-Bayyinat but they showed arrogance in the land, yet they did not become those who could outstrip (Us)
29:40  So every one We seized in his sin. So out of them is that We sent unto him Hasiban (a violent wind with shower of stones); and of them is that — As-Saiha (an awful cry or a monstrous sound) seized him; and of them is that We made the earth slide in with him, and of them is that we drowned (in the waters). And Allah was not that He will do injustice to them but they used to do injustice to themselves
29:41  The likeness of those who took ‘auliya’ (protectors and helpers) besides Allah is as the likeness of a she-spider — she built a house. And verily, the frailest of houses is surely a house (built by) the she-spider — if they had been knowing
29:42  Verily, Allah knows what they invoke besides Him out of any thing; and He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise
29:43  And these similitudes, We put forward for mankind; and does not understand them fully except the possessors of knowledge
29:44  Allah has created the heavens and the earth with due purpose. Certainly, herein is surely a lesson for the Believers
29:45  Utlo (read, understand, adopt and propagate) what has been revealed to you from Al-Kitab and establish As-Salat. Verily, As-Salat prevents from Al-Fahisha and Al-Munkar. And surely Zikr (Message) of Allah (is something) Greater. And Allah knows what you people do and invent
29:46  And do not argue with the Possessors of Al-Kitab except with that (approach) which is better, except (with) those amongst them who did injustice. And say: “We have developed Belief in that what has been sent unto us and is sent unto you people; and our Ilah (God) and your Ilah is One (i.e., Allah), and to Him we are submitters.”
29:47  And this same way We have delivered unto you Al-Kitab. So those whom We have given Al-Kitab Believe in this. And (there is) out of these people who Believes in this. And does not indulge in arguments against Ayaatina (‘Our Signs’ or ‘Our Verses’) except the disbelievers
29:48  And you had not been reproducing (unto the people) before this from (Allah’s) Book and nor you write it with your right [hand, (i.e., you have not written it of your own accord or out of your own capacity or knowledge)] — in that case, indeed, might have doubted the followers of myth and falsehood
29:49  Nay, those (are) Ayaatun Bayyinat ('Manifest Verses') — (kept protected within the hearts) in the chests of those who have been bestowed Al-Ilm (‘The Knowledge’). And does not indulge in arguments against Ayaatina except the transgressors
29:50  And they said: “Why not have been sent down unto him miracle-credentials from his Nourisher-Sustainer?” Say: “Certainly, what (is a fact is that) the miracle-credentials lie with Allah; and surely what (is a fact is that) I am (only) a plain warner.”
29:51  Does it then not suffice to them that We, We sent down unto you Al-Kitab which is (being) reproduced unto them? Certainly, in this is surely mercy and admonition for a nation who Believe
29:52  It is sufficient ‘being Allah a Witness’ between me and between you. He knows whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth. And those who have believed in Batil and have disbelieved in Allah — those people: they (very ones are) the losers
29:53  And they ask you to hasten on the torment, and had (there not been) an appointed term, the punishment would certainly have come to them. And surely, it will come upon them suddenly while they will perceive (it) not
29:54  They ask you to hasten on the torment. And verily, Hell must encircle and cover-up the disbelievers
29:55  The Day the torment covers them from above them and from underneath their feet and (Allah) says: “Taste what you used to do.”
29:56  O My Ibad who have Believed! Surely, My earth is widely spacious. So to Me Alone, so pay obedience to Me
29:57  Every Nafs, (is) one that must taste death. Then unto Us you shall be returned
29:58  And those who have Believed and performed righteous deeds, surely We shall build to them out of Paradise suites — will flow underneath them rivers, dwellers therein (forever). Excellent (shall be the) reward of those who act (in accordance with the guidance available in Al-Kitab)
29:59  those who exhibited patience and perseverance and put (their) trust in their Nourisher-Sustainer
29:60  And how many of the moving, living creature (exist) — she does not carry her provision (as a part of her body). Allah provides her provision and to you (also). And He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower
29:61  And surely, if you asked them who created the heavens and the earth, and controlled and regulated the sun and the moon, they will surely say: “Allah.” Then how they indulge in forgery and falsehood
29:62  Allah expands the provision for that He thinks proper out of His Ibad, and limits (it to the needs) for him (when He so desires). Verily, Allah is All-Aware of all things
29:63  And if you asked them who has sent down (rain-) water from towards the sky and has revived the earth after its death, surely, they will say: “Allah.” Say: “Specific Praise suits Allah (Alone)!” Nay, majority of them do not use intellect
29:64  And this, the life of this world is not but amusement and play! And truly, the home of the Hereafter — surely it is the real life, if they had been knowing
29:65  And when they embarked on a ship, they invoked Allah as those who keep the Religion absolutely pure in relation to Him but when He provided safe passage to them to the land — instantly they assign partners (to Him)
29:66  so that they may deny what We (Alone) gave to them, and so that they may enjoy. But soon they will know (the ultimate outcome)
29:67  Have they then not seen that We have established Haraman Aaminan [a secure Sanctuary (at Makka)] although people are being picked-up and kidnapped from all around them (from outside the Harem)? Would they then believe in Batil, and will deny the Grace of Allah
29:68  And who is more unjust than that who forged a lie against Allah, or he belied Al-Haqq when it reached him? Is not, in Hell, an abode for the disbelievers
29:69  And those who strove ‘in Us’, surely We will show them Our tracks. And verily, Allah is indeed with Al-Muhsinun (those who do good in perfection without expecting a counter reward from fellow humans)