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29:1  Alif L[m M\m.
29:2  Assumed humanity that they will be left because they say: We believed and they will not be tried?
29:3  And, certainly, We tried those who were before them. Then, certainly, God knows those who were sincere and knows the ones who lie.
29:4  Or assumed those who do evil deeds that they will out do Us? How evil is that about which they give judgment!
29:5  Whoever had been hoping for the meeting with God, then, truly, the term of God is that which arrives. And He is The Hearing, The Knowing.
29:6  Whoever struggled, he struggles only for himself. Then, truly, God is Sufficient for the worlds.
29:7  And those who believed and do as ones in accord with morality, certainly, We will absolve them of their evil deeds and We will give recompense for the fairer of what they had been doing.
29:8  And We charged the human being with goodness to ones who are his parents and if they struggled with thee that thou ascribest partners with Me, that of which for thee there is no knowledge, then, obey them not. To Me is your return and I will tell you of what you had been doing.
29:9  And those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality, We will, certainly, cause them to enter among the ones in accord with morality.
29:10  And of humanity is he who says: We believed in God. But, when he was maligned for the sake of God, he mistook the persecution by humanity for a punishment by God. And if help drew near from thy Lord, they would, surely, say: We had been with you. Is not God greater in knowledge of what is in the breasts of beings?
29:11  And, certainly, God knows those who believed and, certainly, He knows the ones who are hypocrites.
29:12  And those who were ungrateful said to those who believed: Follow our way and we will, certainly, carry your transgressions while they are not ones who carry any of their own transgressions. Truly, they are the ones who lie.
29:13  And, certainly, they will carry their own lading and other ladings with their own ladings. And, certainly, they will be asked on the Day of Resurrection about what they had been devising.
29:14  And, certainly, We sent Noah to his folk and he lingered in expectation among them a thousand years less fifty years. And the Deluge took them while they were the ones who are unjust.
29:15  Then, We rescued him and the Companions of the Vessel and made it a sign for the worlds.
29:16  And when Abraham said to his folk: Worship God and be Godfearing of Him. That would be better for you if you had been knowing.
29:17  You only worship graven images and not God? And you create calumny? Truly, those whom you worship other than God possess not for you any power to provide for you. So look for the provision from God and worship Him and give thanks to Him. To Him you will be returned.
29:18  And if you deny, then, surely, communities denied before you. And for the Messenger is not but the delivering of the clear message.
29:19  Consider they not how God causes the creation to begin and, again, He causes it to return? Truly, that for God is easy.
29:20  Say: Journey through the earth; then, look on how He began the creation. Again, God will cause the last growth to grow. Truly, God is Powerful over everything.
29:21  He punishes whom He wills and has mercy on whom He wills. And to Him you will come back.
29:22  You will not be ones who frustrate Him on the earth nor in the heaven and there is not for you, other than God, either a protector or a helper.
29:23  And those who disbelieved in the signs of God and the meeting with Him, those gave up hope of My mercy and those, for them there will be a painful punishment.
29:24  So the answer of his folk had been not but that they said: Kill him or burn him! Then, God rescued him from the fire. Truly, in this are, certainly, signs for a folk who believe.
29:25  And he said: You take only to yourselves graven images instead of God because of affection among yourselves for this present life. Again, on the Day of Resurrection some of you will disavow some others and some of you will curse some others and your place of shelter will be the fire. And for you there will be no ones who help.
29:26  So Lot believed in him.• And Abraham said: Truly, I am one who emigrates for my Lord. Truly, He, He is The Almighty, The Wise.
29:27  And We bestowed Isaac and Jacob on him and We assigned to his offspring prophethood and the Book. We gave him his compensation in the present. And, truly, in the world to come he will be, certainly, among the ones in accord with morality.
29:28  And Lot, when he said to his folk: Truly, you approach indecency which none who preceded you committed in the worlds.
29:29  You approach men with lust and sever the way and approach that which is unlawful in your conclave. Then, the answer of his folk had not been but that they said: Bring on us the punishment of God if thou hadst been among the ones who are sincere.
29:30  He said: My Lord! Help me against the folk, ones who make corruption.
29:31  And when Our messengers drew near Abraham with the good tidings. They said: Truly, We are ones who will cause to perish the people of this town. Truly, its people had been ones who are unjust.
29:32  He said: Truly, in it is Lot. They said: We are greater in knowledge of who is in it. We will, truly, deliver him and his family, but his woman. She had been among the ones who stay behind.
29:33  And when Our messengers drew near Lot, he was troubled because of them and he was concerned for them, distressed, and they said: Neither fear nor feel remorse. Truly, we are ones who will deliver thee and thy family but thy woman. She had been among the ones who stay behind.
29:34  Truly, we are ones who will cause to descend on the people of this town wrath from heaven because they had been disobeying.
29:35  And, certainly, We left in it a sign, clear portents for a folk who be reasonable.
29:36  And to Midian, their brother Shuayb. He said: O my folk! Worship God and hope for the Last Day and do not mischief in and on the earth as ones who make corruption.
29:37  And they denied him. So the quaking of the earth took them and it came to be in the morning in their abodes, ones who are fallen prostrate.
29:38  And Ad and Thamud, surely, it became clear to you from their dwellings. Satan made their actions appear pleasing to them and barred them from the way and they had been ones who see clearly.
29:39  And Korah and Pharaoh and Haman and, certainly, Moses drew near to them with the clear portents, but they grew arrogant on the earth and they had not been ones who take the lead from Us.
29:40  So We took each of them in his impiety. And of them was he on whom We sent a sand storm and of them was he whom the Cry took and of them was he whom We caused the earth to swallow and of them were some whom We drowned. And God had not been doing wrong to them, but they had been doing wrong themselves.
29:41  The parable of those who took other than God to themselves as protectors is that of the spider who took a house to itself. But, truly, the frailest of houses is the house of the spider if they had but been knowing.
29:42  Truly, God knows what thing they call to other than Him. And He is The Almighty, The Wise.
29:43  And We propound these parables for humanity. And no one is reasonable among them but the ones who know.
29:44  God created the heavens and the earth with The Truth. Truly, in that is a sign for the ones who believe.
29:45  Recount what was revealed to thee of the Book and perform the formal prayer. Truly, the formal prayer prohibits depravity and that which is unlawful, and, truly, the remembrance of God is greater. And God knows what you craft.
29:46  And dispute not with the People of the Book unless in a way that is fairer, but with those who did wrong among them. And say: We have believed in what was caused to descend to us and was caused to descend to you and our God and your God is One and we are ones who submit to Him.
29:47  And, thus, We caused the Book to descend to thee. And those to whom We gave the Book before will believe in it. And of these, the people of Makkah, there are some who believe in it. And none negates Our signs but the ones who are ungrateful.
29:48  And neither hadst thou been recounting from any Book before it nor writest thou it with thy right hand for then, certainly, they would have been in doubt, the ones who deal in falsehood.
29:49  Nay! It is clear portents, signs in the breasts of those who were given the knowledge. And none negate Our signs but ones who are unjust.
29:50  And they said: Why were signs not caused to descend to him from his Lord? Say: The signs are only with God. I am only a warner, one who makes clear.
29:51  Suffices for them not that We caused the Book to descend to thee which is recounted to them? Truly, in that is a mercy and a reminder for a folk who believe.
29:52  Say: God sufficed as a witness between me and between you. He knows whatever is in the heavens and the earth. And those who believed in falsehood and were ungrateful to God, those, they are the ones who are losers.
29:53  And they seek thee to hasten the punishment! And were it not for a term, that which is determined, the punishment would have drawn near them. And, certainly, it will approach them suddenly while they are not aware.
29:54  They seek to hasten the punishment and, truly, hell will be that which encloses the ones who are ungrateful.
29:55  On a Day when the punishment overcomes them from above them and from beneath their feet, He will say: Experience what you had been doing!
29:56  O my servants who have believed, My earth, truly, is that which is extensive, so worship Me!
29:57  Every soul is one that experiences death. Again, to Us you will return.
29:58  And those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality, We will certainly place them in a settlement in the highest chambers in the Garden, beneath which rivers run, ones who will dwell in it forever. How excellent is the compensation for the ones who work,
29:59  those who endured patiently and they put their trust in their Lord.
29:60  And how many a moving creature carries not its own provision, but God provides for it and for you. And He is The Hearing, The Knowing.
29:61  And if thou hadst asked them: Who created the heavens and the earth and caused the sun and the moon to be subservient? They will, certainly, say: God. Then, how they are misled!
29:62  God extends the provision for whom He wills of His servants and confines it for whom He wills. Truly, God is Knowing of everything.
29:63  And if thou hadst asked them: Who sent down water from heaven and gave life by it to the earth after its death, certainly, they would say: God! Say: The Praise belongs to God! Nay! Most of them are not reasonable.
29:64  And this present life is not, but a diversion and a pastime. And, truly, the Last Abode is the eternal life if they had been knowing!
29:65  And when they embarked on the boats, they called to God, ones who are sincere and devoted in the way of life to Him. Then, when He delivered them to dry land, that is when they ascribed partners with God,
29:66  being ungrateful for what We gave them. So let them take joy for soon they will know!
29:67  Consider they not that We made a safe, holy place while humanity is being snatched away all around them? Believe they, then, in falsehood and are they ungrateful for the divine blessing?
29:68  And who does greater wrong than he who devised a lie against God? Or denied The Truth when it drew near him? Is there not in hell a place of lodging for the ones who are ungrateful?
29:69  And as for those who struggled for Us, We will truly guide them to Our ways. And, truly, God is with ones who are doers of good.