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29:1  Alif, Laam, Meem
29:2  Are people of the opinion that once they said, ´we believe´ they would be left alone and not be put to a test
29:3  We had certainly tested those before them. Allah definitely has to sift those who are true to their words from those who are liars
29:4  Do those indulging in vile deeds assume that they are getting the better of Us? Utterly false is what they decide
29:5  Those hoping to meet Allah should note that the scheduled meeting with Allah is really certain to take place. He hears everything, and knows everything
29:6  Whoever strives, does so for his own self. Of course, Allah is (Free of want and) dependent upon no one in the world for anything
29:7  We will mend all the shortcomings of those who believe and do good deeds. We would certainly cleanse (and rid) them of their sins, and We would grant them the best of rewards according to the deeds they performed
29:8  We have directed man to treat his parents with compassion. But do not obey if they force you to associate partners with Me _ something you have no knowledge of! Towards Me is your final retreat. Then, I will let you know everything you have been doing
29:9  We would certainly usher those who believe and do good deeds into the group of the righteous ones
29:10  And among the people are those who say, ´we believe in Allah!´, but when they are bothered because of their belief in Allah they consider the suffering caused by the people to be equal to the punishment inflicted by Allah. If victory comes from Allah, they will say, "Of course, we were with you." Isn´t Allah aware of whatever lies in the heart of everyone in the world
29:11  Allah definitely knows the ones who believe, and He definitely knows the hypocrites
29:12  The unbelievers say to the believers, "Follow our way (of life). Let us assume your sins." But they are not going to take over a single one of anybody´s sins. They are most certainly lying
29:13  They surely carry the weight of their own sins, and also that of others whom they misled. Burdens to add to their own load! On the Day of Judgment, they will most certainly be asked about the lies they used to invent
29:14  We had sent Nooh to his people and he stayed with them for nine hundred and fifty years. Then, a storm grabbed them. They were all evil doers
29:15  But We rescued (Nooh and) those in the ship with him. We made them a sign for the whole world
29:16  (We had sent) Ibraheem! He said to his people, "Worship Allah, and fear Him. That is better for you if you know."
29:17  Those others you worship besides Allah are statues. You have carved (and vested) lies (with the statues)! Indeed, those you worship instead of Allah have no power to grant you anything. Seek your provisions from Allah, obey Him and be grateful to Him. Towards Him you shall have to return
29:18  In case you reject (remember), several other nations before you had also rejected. There is no obligation upon Our messenger except to convey the message explicitly
29:19  Do they not observe how Allah originates the creation, and then how He renews it? Indeed, this is easy for Him
29:20  Say, "Move about in the land and see how He originates the creation. Allah will call the creation into existence yet another time. Indeed, Allah is capable of doing everything!"
29:21  He punishes whom He wants, and He spares whom He wants. Towards Him, you all shall be turned around
29:22  You cannot undermine (Allah) on the earth, or in the heavens. You do not have any friend or helper other than Allah
29:23  Those refusing to believe the verses of Allah and the scheduled meeting with Him, are those who have lost hope for His mercy. There exists a painful punishment for them
29:24  But Ibraheem´s nation had no response except to yell, "Kill him or burn him at the stake." Allah, however, saved him from the fire. In that are surely signs for the believing nation
29:25  Instead of Allah, you have accepted the idols to be the basis of your love and friendship in the life of this world. But on the day of resurrection you would repudiate each other, and you would curse each other. Hellfire will be your abode, and you will have no supporters
29:26  Loot believed in Him and said, "I will surely begin my journey towards Allah. He is the most Powerful and the Wisest."
29:27  We gave Ibraheem sons like Ishaq and Yaqoob, and We blessed his descendants with the prophethood and the book. We gave him his reward in this life. Surely, in the afterlife he will be amongst the righteous
29:28  (We also sent) Loot! He said to his nation, "Indeed, you have perpetrated an act so vile and evil that nobody prior to you had ever committed such an act in this world."
29:29  "Aren´t you the ones who come to men (for sex), engage in highway robbery and perform reprehensible acts in your gatherings?" His nation had no response except to say, "If you are truthful, have the punishment of Allah come upon us."
29:30  He said, "My Lord! Help me against the sinful nation."
29:31  When Our angels came and brought Ibraheem the good news (the prophecy of the two sons), they said, "We are going to destroy the members of that community. Indeed, its residents are evil!"
29:32  (Ibraheem) said, "Loot is there!" They replied, "We know who is there! We are definitely going to rescue him and his family, except his wife. She is to be among those staying behind."
29:33  When Our angels came to Loot, he felt bad and became uneasy about them. They said, "Do not be afraid, and do not grieve. We are surely going to rescue you and your family, except your wife. She is to be among those staying behind."
29:34  "We are going to rain down upon the residents of this town a punishment from the sky. This is because they lead a depraved and decadent life."
29:35  We have left their traces to serve as clear signs for any nation that follows reason
29:36  (We sent) towards the nation of Madyan, their brother, Shoaib. He said, "Oh people, worship Allah, rely on the Day of Judgment, and do not act wickedly in this world seeking mischief."
29:37  But they rejected him! So an earthquake shook them up, leaving them (dead) _ prone and prostrate in their houses
29:38  (And We destroyed) ´Aads´ and the ´Samoods´; their ruined dwellings are quite well known. Shaitan made their deeds appear delightful to them. Although they were endowed with reason and intellect, yet Shaitan diverted them from the (straight) path
29:39  (And We destroyed) Qaroon, the pharaoh and Haaman. Indeed, Musa had presented them the plain proofs. But they proclaimed themselves great in the land. They could not outrun (Our punishment)
29:40  Thus, We took all of them to task for their sins. We sent a cyclone on some of them and an overwhelming bang seized others among them. We made the ground swallow some of them and there were those amongst them whom We drowned. Allah was not cruel to them. Rather, they used to treat themselves unjustly
29:41  Those who take patrons other than Allah (and feel secure) may be likened to a spider that spins its home. Of course the flimsiest home is the web of the spider, if only they know
29:42  Allah really knows well whomever and whatever they pray to other than Him. He is the most Powerful and the Wisest
29:43  We quote the examples for the people. Only those with knowledge understand them
29:44  Allah has created the heavens and the earth with justice (and a purpose). In that is surely a sign for those who believe
29:45  Recite the book revealed to you and establish ´salat´. Indeed the ´salat´ keeps one away from vile deeds and prohibited acts. The remembrance of Allah is greater still! Allah knows what you do
29:46  If you argue with the people of the scriptures, do it in an amicable manner. But (do not argue) with those of them who are unjust and unfair. Say to them, "We believe in that which is sent to us, and that which was sent to you. Our God and your God is only One, and to Him we submit (we are Muslims)."
29:47  Thus, We have revealed this book to you. (Some of) those to whom We gave the book earlier, also believe it. Among others too, are those who believe it. Only the (most ardent) unbelievers reject Our signs
29:48  Oh messenger! Before this you never read a book. Nor did you ever write anything with your hand. Otherwise, the biased ones would have raised questions and doubts
29:49  In fact, these are manifest proofs to (settle and satisfy) the hearts of those who were given the knowledge. Only the evil doers repudiate Our verses
29:50  (Yet) they say, "Why did a miracle from his Lord not come down to him." Say, "Indeed, the miracles are all with Allah, I am evidently a warner."
29:51  Isn´t it enough that We revealed to you the book, which is being read to them. It is really a mercy and the right advice for the believing people
29:52  Say, "Allah is sufficient as a witness between me and you. He knows everything in the heavens and on the earth. The losers are those who believe in absurd lies, and disbelieve Allah."
29:53  (As a taunt), they dare you to hasten the punishment! Its time is specified; else that torment would strike (right away). It will certainly come upon them suddenly (and stealthily), and they won´t even realize
29:54  They dare you to hasten their punishment? The hellfire has certainly seized (and sealed in) the unbelievers from all sides
29:55  On the day it strikes, the punishment will come down to wrap them from above, and will rise from under their feet (to engulf them); He will say, "Here, taste (the result of) what you used to do."
29:56  "Oh my servants who believe! Really, this earth of Mine is spacious! So worship no one but Me!"
29:57  All living beings must taste death! Then, towards Us you have to return
29:58  We will accommodate all those who believe and do the righteous deeds into the high places in paradise. Rivers run right through it. There, they will reside forever! What an excellent reward for those who act (righteously)
29:59  Those who are patient and place their trust in their Lord
29:60  Look at all these animals. They do not carry their sustenance with them. Allah feeds them! And He provides you, too. He hears, and He knows everything
29:61  If you were to put them this question, "Who created the heavens and the earth, and who tamed the sun and the moon?", they will respond, "Allah!" Say, "So why then, are you being deceived?"
29:62  Allah expands the provisions _ or limits them _ for any of His servants He wants. Allah is, indeed Knowledgeable of everything
29:63  If you were to put them this question, "Who sent water down from the sky and revived the dead and barren land with it", they will respond, "Allah!" Say, "All praise is for Allah!" But most of them fail to understand and ponder
29:64  The life of this world is nothing but (a brief) play and pastime. But the house of the hereafter is surely the (real) life. Alas! If only they knew
29:65  When they board a ship (to go overseas), they forsake all others and invoke Allah with sincerity and devotion. When He brings them safely back to land, they go back to ascribing partners to Allah
29:66  To be ungrateful for the favors We granted them! And to immerse themselves in merriment! Very soon, they will come to know
29:67  Do they not see that We have made this town a safe haven, while the people all around are being struck down and swept away? They believe in absurd lies, and show ingratitude for the blessings of Allah
29:68  Who could be more wrong than the one inventing lies about Allah, or the one who calls the truth a lie, even when the truth is disclosed to him. Is there no place in hell for such unbelievers? Of course, there is
29:69  We will surely guide on to Our path those who strive for Our sake. Allah is definitely on the side of the righteous ones