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29:1  Alif , Lam , Mim
29:2  Do people think that they will be left (at ease) only on their saying, .We believe. and will not be put to any test
29:3  Indeed We have tested those who were before them. So Allah will surely know the ones who are truthful, and He will surely know the liars
29:4  Or do those who commit evils think that they will outstrip Us? Evil is what they predicate
29:5  Whoever hopes to meet Allah (must be sure that) Allah‘s appointed time has to come, and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing
29:6  Whoever strives, strives for his own benefit. Surely Allah is independent of all the worlds
29:7  Those who believe and do righteous deeds, We will expiate their bad deeds and will give them a better reward (than their expectation) for what they used to do
29:8  We have instructed man to do good to his parents. And if they insist upon you that you should ascribe partners to Me, then do not obey them. To Me is your return; then I shall tell you what you used to do
29:9  And those who believe and do righteous deeds, We shall include them among the righteous
29:10  Among men there are those who say, .We believe in Allah., but when they are persecuted in (the way of) Allah, they take the persecution of men, as equal to the punishment of Allah. And should any help come from your Lord, they will certainly say, .We were with you. Is it not that Allah knows well what lies in the hearts of the people of all the worlds
29:11  Allah will certainly know those who believe and He will certainly know the hypocrites
29:12  Those who disbelieve say to those who believe, .Follow our way, and we will bear the burden of your sins. And they are not (able) to bear the burden of their sins in the least. Indeed they are pure liars
29:13  They shall certainly bear their own loads, and some other loads along with their own loads, and they will certainly be questioned about what they used to forge
29:14  We sent NuH to his people. So he stayed with them one thousand, less fifty, years. Then the Deluge seized them, and they were transgressors
29:15  So We saved him and the people of the Ark, and made it a sign for all the worlds
29:16  And (We sent) Ibrahim when he said to his people, .Worship Allah and fear Him. That is better for you if you know
29:17  You only worship idols beside Allah, and you invent a lie. In fact those whom you worship beside Allah do not have power to give you provision. So seek provision with Allah and worship Him and be grateful to Him. To Him you are to be returned
29:18  And if you reject me, then many nations have rejected their messengers before you. The messenger has no more obligation than to convey the message clearly
29:19  Did they not see how Allah originates the creation, then He will do it again. Surely this is easy for Allah
29:20  Say, .Go about in the land and look how He has originated the creation. Then Allah will create the subsequent creation. Surely Allah is powerful to do everything
29:21  He punishes whom He wills and has mercy on whom He wills. And to Him you are to be turned back
29:22  You are not (able) to frustrate (Allah) neither in the earth nor in the sky. And, apart from Allah, you have neither a protector nor a helper
29:23  And those who deny the signs of Allah and meeting with Him — those will despair of My mercy, and those are the ones for whom there is a painful punishment
29:24  So, the response of his (Ibrahim) people was none but that they said, .Kill him. or .Burn him. So Allah saved him from the fire. Surely in this there are signs for a people who believe
29:25  And he (Ibrahim) said, .You have adopted idols instead of Allah, only because of love (you have) with each other in the worldly life. Then on the Day of Judgment you will reject each other, and will curse each other. And your abode is the Fire, and you will have no helpers
29:26  So LuT believed in him, and he (Ibrahim) said, .I am going to leave my homeland towards my Lord. Surely He is the Mighty, the Wise
29:27  And We granted him IsHaq (Isaac) and Ya‘qub (Jacob), and assigned prophet-hood and Book to his progeny, and gave him his reward in the world; and of course, in the Hereafter, he will be one of the righteous
29:28  And (We sent) LuT when he said to his people, .Indeed you commit the shameful act that no one in the worlds has ever preceded you in it
29:29  Is it (not) a fact that you go for men (to satisfy your lust) and rob the wayfarers and commit evil in your gathering?. So the answer of his people was none but that they said, .Bring us Allah‘s punishment, if you are one of the truthful
29:30  He said, .My Lord, help me against the people who make mischief
29:31  And when Our messengers came to Ibrahim with the good news, they said, .We are going to destroy the people of this town. Surely its people have been transgressors
29:32  He said, .There is LuT in it. They said, .We know well who is in it. We will certainly save him and his family except his wife who will be among those remaining behind
29:33  And when Our messengers came to LuT, he grieved for them and his heart was straitened because of them, but they said, .We are going to save you and your family, except your wife who will be among those remaining behind
29:34  We are going to bring down on the people of this town a punishment from the sky, because they used to act sinfully
29:35  And We left from it (the town) an evident sign for a people who understand
29:36  And (We sent) to Madyan their brother Shu‘aib. So he said, .O my people, worship Allah and fear the Last Day, and do not roam about in the land as mischief makers
29:37  So they gave the lie to him, then they were seized by the earthquake and they remained in their homes lying on their faces
29:38  And (We destroyed) ‘Ad and Thamud, and it is visible to you through their dwellings. And the Satan had beautified for them their deeds, so he prevented them from the (right) way, even though they were people of insight
29:39  And (We also destroyed) Qarun and Pharaoh and Haman. Indeed Musa came to them with clear signs; so they acted arrogantly on the earth, and were not (able) to escape
29:40  Thus We seized each one of them for his sin. So to some of them We sent a violent wind; and some of them were seized by a Cry; and some of them We made to sink in the earth; and some of them We drowned. And Allah was not to do injustice to them, but they used to do injustice to their own selves
29:41  The example of those who have adopted patrons other than Allah is like the spider that has made a house, while indeed the weakest of houses is the house of the spider. If only they know
29:42  Surely, Allah knows whatever thing they invoke beside Allah, and He is the Mighty, the Wise
29:43  We site these examples for people, but no one understands them except the knowledgeable ones
29:44  Allah has created the heavens and the earth with truth. Surely in this there is a sign for the believers
29:45  Recite (O Prophet) what is revealed to you of the Book, and establish Salah . Surely Salah restrains one from shameful and evil acts. Indeed remembrance of Allah is the greatest of all things. Allah knows what you do
29:46  Do not debate with the people of the Book unless it is in the best manner, except with those of them who commit injustice. And say, .We believe in what is sent down to us and sent down to you, and our God and your God is One, and to Him we submit (ourselves)
29:47  Thus We have sent down the Book to you. So those to whom We have given the Book believe in it. And from these (the people of Makkah) there are ones who believe in it, and no one rejects Our verses except the infidels
29:48  You (O Prophet,) have never been reciting any book before this, nor have you been writing it with your right hand; had it been so, the adherents of falsehood would have raised doubts
29:49  But it (the Qur‘an in itself) is (a package of) evident signs in the hearts of those who are given knowledge. And no one rejects our verses except the wrongdoers
29:50  And they say, .Why is it that no signs (miracles) have been sent down to him from his Lord?. Say, .Signs are only with Allah, and I am only a plain warner
29:51  Is it not sufficient for them that We have sent down to you the Book that is being recited to them? Surely in it there is mercy and advice for a people who believe
29:52  Say, .Allah is enough as a witness between me and you. He knows what is in the heavens and the earth. And those who believe in falsity and do not believe in Allah,__those are the losers
29:53  They ask you to bring the punishment soon. Had there not been an appointed time, the punishment would have come to them. It will surely come to them suddenly while they will not be aware
29:54  They ask you to bring the punishment soon, while the Jahannam is surely going to engulf the disbeliever
29:55  on the Day when the punishment will envelop them from above them and from under their feet and He (Allah) will say, .Taste what you used to do
29:56  O My servants who believe, surely My earth is vast. So, Me alone you must worship
29:57  Every person has to taste death, then to Us you are to be returned
29:58  As for those who believe and do righteous deeds, We shall accommodate them in mansions of the Paradise beneath which rivers flow, where they will live forever. Excellent is the reward of the workers
29:59  who observe restraint patiently and place their trust in their Lord alone
29:60  How many an animal there is that does not carry its provision. Allah gives provision to it as well as to you, and He is the All-Hearing, the All- knowing
29:61  If you ask them as to who has created the heavens and the earth and has subjugated the sun and the moon, they will certainly say, .Allah. How then are they driven aback (by their whims?
29:62  Allah extends provision to whom He wills from His servants, and straitens it (for whom He wills). Surely Allah knows every thing well
29:63  And if you ask them as to who sends down water from the sky, then revives the land with it, they will certainly say, .Allah. Say, .Praise is for Allah. But most of them do not understand
29:64  This worldly life is nothing but an amusement and play, and the Last Abode is the real life indeed. Only if they know
29:65  So when they embark on a ship, they invoke Allah, having their faith purely in Him. But when He saves them (and brings them) to the land, in no time they start committing shirk (ascribing partners to Allah)
29:66  thus becoming ungrateful for what We gave to them. Let them have some enjoyment, then they will soon come to know (the ill-fate of their attitude)
29:67  Did they not see that We have made a peaceful sanctuary (Haram ) while (other) people around them are being snatched away? Do they still believe in falsity and reject Allah‘s grace
29:68  Who is more unjust than the one who forges a lie against Allah or rejects the truth when it comes to him? Is there not in Jahannam a home for disbelievers
29:69  As for those who strive in Our way, We will certainly take them onto Our paths, and indeed Allah is with those who are good in deeds