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27:1  Ta, Sin. (Only Allah and the Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him] know the real meaning.) These are the Verses of the (Holy) Qur’an and an enlightening Book
27:2  A guidance and good news for (those) believers
27:3  Who establish prayer and pay Zakat (the Alms-due), and it is they who believe in the Hereafter (as well)
27:4  Surely, those who do not believe in the Hereafter, We have made their (evil) deeds appear fascinating (to them). So they wander distracted (in error)
27:5  It is they for whom there is an evil punishment, and it is they who are (the greatest) losers in the Hereafter
27:6  And surely, you are being taught (this) Qur’an from the All-Wise, All-Knowing (Lord)
27:7  (Recall that incident) when Musa (Moses) said to his wife: ‘I have seen a fire (or I have perceived a flash of love and liking in the fire). Soon I shall bring you some news from it (for which we have been wandering in deserts and forests since long), or I shall bring (you also from there) some burning brand so that you (too) may feel the burn (of its heat).
27:8  So when he neared it, a call was given: ‘Blessed is He Who is (luminously unveiling His veil of Light) in this fire, and (also) he who is around it (in the reflection of the theophanies of Allah’s Light). And Allah is Holy (and Glorified, High above any resemblance and physical manifestation), the Lord of all the worlds
27:9  O Musa (Moses)! It is I, Allah (Unveiling My Light), Almighty, All-Wise
27:10  And, (O Musa [Moses],) cast your staff (on the ground).’ So when (Musa (Moses) after casting the staff on the ground) saw it moving fast as if it were a serpent, he (reacting naturally) turned back running and did not (even) look back. (Allah said:) ‘O Musa (Moses), do not fear. Surely, the Messengers do not fear in My presence
27:11  But whoever wrongs, then after doing evil replaces (it) with good, then I am indeed Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful
27:12  And put your hand into the opening of your collar. It will come out radiant white without any ill. (Both these are) of the nine signs (of Allah). Go (with them) to Pharaoh and his people. Surely, they are a disobedient people.
27:13  But when Our clear and sight-giving signs reached them, they said: ‘This is plain magic.
27:14  And out of vanity and wickedness, they rejected them straight away whilst their hearts had accepted these (signs as true). So see how (evil) was the end of the evildoers
27:15  And indeed, We bestowed upon Dawud (David) and Sulayman ([Solomon] extraordinary knowledge) and both said: ‘All praise be to Allah, Who has exalted us above many of His believing servants.
27:16  And Sulayman (Solomon) succeeded Dawud (David) and said: ‘O people, we have been taught the speech of birds (as well) and we have been granted everything. No doubt, this is the most obvious Grace (of Allah).
27:17  And armies for Sulayman (Solomon) were collected from amongst (all species of) the jinn, human beings and birds. So they were held on (in his service) for discipline and training
27:18  Until when these (troops) reached an open field of ants, one ant said: ‘O ants, enter your dwellings, lest Sulayman (Solomon) and his troops crush you whilst they remain just unaware.
27:19  So he (Sulayman [Solomon]) smiled, feeling amused at the ant’s words, and submitted: ‘O Lord, keep me by Your bestowal firm on it that I remain ever-thankful for Your favour You have conferred on me and on my parents, and I do such pious deeds as You are pleased with, and admit me by Your mercy amongst Your pious slaves enjoying exceptional nearness to You.
27:20  And Sulayman (Solomon) inspected the birds and said: ‘How is it that I do not see the hoopoe? Or has he (really) vanished
27:21  I will certainly award him severe punishment (for being absent without leave), or will certainly slaughter him, or he will bring me a sound plea (of being not guilty).
27:22  It was only for a little while that he stayed (outside), then he (appeared and) said: ‘I have come to know a thing that is (perhaps) not in your knowledge, and I have brought you from (the land of) Saba (Sheba) a sure and true piece of news
27:23  I have found (there) a woman who is ruling over them (i.e., the citizens of the land of Saba [Sheba]), and she has been given everything (of possession and authority), and she has a great throne
27:24  I found her and her people prostrating themselves before the sun instead of Allah. And Satan has made their (evil) deeds highly fascinating to them, and has hindered them from the path (of the Oneness of Allah). So they are not getting guidance
27:25  (They are hindered) so that they do not fall in prostration before the presence of Allah, Who brings forth (i.e., unveils the realities and forms of matter) hidden in the heavens and the earth and knows (all) those things which you hide and which you disclose
27:26  There is none worthy of worship except Allah. He alone is the Master of the Supreme Throne of Authority.
27:27  (Sulayman [Solomon]) said: ‘We see right now whether you speak the truth or you are of the liars
27:28  Go with this letter of mine and deliver it to them. Then withdraw from them and see what they turn to.
27:29  (The Queen) said: ‘O chiefs, a noble letter has been delivered to me
27:30  That (letter) has indeed (come) from Sulayman (Solomon), and that begins with the Name of Allah, Who is Most Kind, Ever-Merciful
27:31  (Its contents read:) ‘Do not (strive to) rise above me and come to me in submission.
27:32  (The Queen) said: ‘O courtiers, advise me in this matter. I do not make a final decision on any matter until you come to me and state your opinions (for or against the matter).
27:33  They said: ‘We are powerful and great warriors but the command is your prerogative. So consider (yourself) what command you should give.
27:34  (The Queen) said: ‘No doubt when kings enter a town, they destroy it and disgrace and humiliate its elite citizens. And these (people) too will do the same
27:35  And, surely, I am sending him some gifts and see what reply the messengers bring back.
27:36  So when that (messenger) came to Sulayman (Solomon, he) said (to him [i.e., the messenger]): ‘Do you want to help me with wealth, whereas what Allah has given me is better than this (wealth) which He has given you? It is rather you who take pleasure (and) pride in your gifts
27:37  So go back to them (with your gifts). We shall come with such troops (to invade) them that they will not have (the power) to fight back, and, humiliating them, we shall drive them out from there in such a plight that they will be dishonoured (becoming prisoners).
27:38  Sulayman (Solomon) said: ‘O courtiers, which of you can bring me the throne (of the Queen) before they come to me in submission?
27:39  One mighty jinn submitted: ‘I can bring it to you before you rise from your seat. And I am indeed powerful (enough) and trustworthy (to bring it).
27:40  Then the one who had some knowledge of the (heavenly) Book submitted: ‘I can bring it to you before your vision turns back to you (i.e., even before the twinkling of an eye).’ So, when (Sulayman [Solomon]) saw it (the throne) placed before him, he said: ‘This is by the Grace of my Lord so that He may put me to the test whether I thank (Him) or not. And he who thanks (Allah), his gratitude is for the good of his own self, and he who is ungrateful, then surely my Lord is Self-Sufficient, Most Generous.
27:41  Sulayman (Solomon) said: ‘(To test the Queen) change the display and appearance of her throne. We shall see whether she gets some clue (to recognize it) or proves to be of those who do not have quick reflexes.
27:42  Then when she (the Queen) came, she was asked: ‘Is your throne like this?’ She said: ‘It looks as if it is the same and we have already known (the truth of Sulayman’s [Solomon’s] Prophethood) and we have become Muslims.
27:43  And the (false god) she worshipped besides Allah prevented her (the Queen from accepting the truth before this). No doubt, she was of a disbelieving people
27:44  It was said to her (the Queen): ‘Enter the compound of the palace (beneath which were flowing waves of bluish water).’ So when the Queen saw that (elegant, crystal floor), she thought it was a deep pool. And (pulling up her skirt) she uncovered her lower legs. Sulayman (Solomon) said: ‘This is the compound of the palace paved with crystal slabs.’ The Queen submitted: ‘O my Lord, (I was deluded in like manner.) Surely, I wronged my soul. And now along with Sulayman (Solomon), I submit to Allah, Who is the Lord of all the worlds.
27:45  And, surely, We sent to the people of Thamud their (kinship) brother Salih (as a Messenger:) ‘Worship Allah.’ Then they became two parties disputing with each other
27:46  (Salih) said: ‘O my people, why do you hasten the evil (i.e., torment) before the good (i.e., mercy)? Why do you not ask for forgiveness from Allah so that you are shown mercy?
27:47  They said: ‘You have caused us misfortune, and so have your companions.’ (Salih) said: ‘(The cause of) your misfortune is (written) with Allah; you people have rather been put to trial.
27:48  And there were in the city (of the people of Thamud) nine prominent leaders (leading their respective parties) who used to spread destructive activities in the land and would not do constructive works
27:49  (These leaders) said: ‘Vow amongst yourselves by swearing in the Name of Allah that we will certainly launch a murder attack against Salih and his family at night, and will then tell their heirs that we were not present on the occasion of their murder. And surely, we are telling the truth.
27:50  And they worked out a plan in secret, and We (also) devised a secret scheme (to foil that), and they did not get a hint of it
27:51  See then what was the end of their (wicked) plan! Surely, We destroyed those (leaders) and their entire people altogether
27:52  So these are their houses lying ruined, for they committed oppression and injustice. No doubt there is a sign (of warning) in it for those who have knowledge
27:53  And We delivered those who believed and became Godfearing
27:54  And (recall) Lut (Lot) when he said to his people: ‘Do you commit indecency whilst you see (as well)
27:55  Do you approach men rather than women to satisfy your sexual desire? The truth is that you are ignorant people.
27:56  The only answer of his people was that they said: ‘Drive out the family of Lut (Lot) from your town; they claim to be very pious!
27:57  So We delivered Lut (Lot) and his family except his wife, for We destined her to be amongst those who stayed behind (for torment)
27:58  And We heavily rained upon them (stones). So evil was the rain (of stones) upon those people who were stressed with horror
27:59  Say: ‘All praise be to Allah, and peace be upon His Servants whom He has chosen (and exalted). Is Allah better or those (false gods) that these people associate (with Him)?
27:60  Well, Who has created the heavens and the earth and poured down water for you from the atmosphere in the sky? Then with that (water), We brought forth fresh and beautiful gardens. It was not possible for you to grow plants in these (gardens). Is there any (other) God besides Allah? In fact, they are the people who are turning away (from the path of truth)
27:61  Or, Who made the earth a dwelling place and made rivers amid it and made for it huge mountains and put a barrier between the two seas (of salt and sweet waters)? Is there any (other) God besides Allah? But most of these (disbelievers) do not have knowledge
27:62  Or, Who grants the supplication of the anxiety-stricken caller when he calls upon Him, and Who removes the trouble and makes you successors and inheritors (of the predecessors) in the earth? Is there any (other) God besides Allah? You people accept advice but little
27:63  Or, Who guides you in the darkness of land and sea and sends winds as good news before (the rain of) His mercy? Is there any (other) God besides Allah? Exalted is Allah, High above (the false gods) which they associate with Him
27:64  Well, Who originates creation and shall repeat the same (process of creation), and Who grants you sustenance from the heavens and the earth? Is there any (other) God besides Allah? Say: ‘(O polytheists,) bring your proof if you are truthful.
27:65  Say: ‘Those who are in the heavens and the earth do not have the knowledge of the unseen (by themselves) except Allah (Who is Self-Knowing), nor do they know when they will be raised up (alive again).
27:66  The truth is that their knowledge about the Hereafter terminated after reaching (its) limit, but they are just (caught) in doubt about it. Nay, they are blind to its (exact knowledge)
27:67  And the disbelievers say: ‘When we and our fathers become dust (after death), shall we be brought forth (from graves alive)
27:68  In fact, we and, before this, our ancestors (too) have been promised this. These are but stories fabricated by the ancients.
27:69  Say: ‘Travel in the land and see how was the end of the evildoers.
27:70  And, (O Esteemed Beloved,) do not grieve (over what they say), nor (undergo) distress at the deceitful and treacherous activities which they are carrying out
27:71  And they say: ‘(Tell us) when this promise (of the Last Day) will come true if you are truthful.
27:72  Say: ‘It is not far from possible that a part of that (torment) which you seek to hasten has nearly reached you.
27:73  And surely, your Lord is Gracious to the people but most of them do not give thanks
27:74  And certainly, your Lord knows well what their breasts hide and also what they make known
27:75  And there is nothing hidden in the heavens and the earth but is recorded in a Clear Book (al-Lawh al-Mahfuz)
27:76  Surely, this Qur’an expounds to the Children of Israel most of the things in which they differ
27:77  And verily, it is guidance and mercy for the believers
27:78  Verily, your Lord will judge between these (believers and disbelievers) by His command (of justice). And He is Almighty, All-Knowing
27:79  So put your trust in Allah. Surely, you are (firm and fixed) on the evident truth
27:80  (O Beloved!) Surely, you make neither the dead (i.e., the disbelievers deprived of the vitality of faith) hear your call nor the deaf (i.e., deprived of hearing the call of truth) while they are getting away (from you) turning their backs.
27:81  Nor can you guide the blind (of heart, rescuing them) from their wrong path. (In fact) you make only them hear who (accepting your call) believe in Our Revelations. So it is they who are Muslims (and only they deserve to be called alive)
27:82  And when the time to execute Our command (of torment) against them comes, We shall bring out for them from the earth a beast who will converse with them because people do not have certitude in Our signs
27:83  And the Day when We shall gather out of every community a party of those who used to reject Our Revelations, they will be stopped (from the front in order that they all move together)
27:84  Till, when they all reach (the point of reckoning), it will be said: ‘Did you reject My Revelations (without meditating on them), whereas you could not thoroughly understand them with (your inadequate) knowledge? Or (tell yourselves) what else was (the reason) that you used to (belie the truth).
27:85  And (Our) promise against them has been fulfilled because they continued doing injustice. So they will not be able to say anything (in reply)
27:86  Have they not seen that We made the night for them so that they might rest in it and the day sight-giving (to oversee the affairs of life and to make things visible and perceptible)? Indeed, there are signs in it for those who believe
27:87  And on the Day when the trumpet is blown, (all) those in the heavens and in the earth will be terrified except those whom Allah wills (they will not worry). And all will appear before His presence submissively
27:88  And, (O man,) you will see the mountains and think them firmly fixed, whereas they will be flying like the passing of clouds. (This) is the work of Allah, Who has made everything strong and stable (with wisdom and strategy). Surely, He is Well Aware of all (the works) that you do
27:89  Whoever brings good (that Day), for him (the reward) will be better than that, and they will be peaceful and secure against terror that Day
27:90  And whoever brings evil will be thrown prone into the Fire (of Hell). So you will be rewarded only for what you used to do
27:91  (Say to them:) ‘I have been commanded only to worship the Lord of this city (Mecca), Who has made it Holy and Sacred, and everything belongs to Him alone. And I have (also) been commanded to be of those who submit wholly (to Allah)
27:92  And that I keep reciting the Qur’an. So whoever accepts guidance takes the straight path only for his own benefit, and (to him) who wanders on in error, say: ‘I am only of the Warners.
27:93  And say: ‘All praise belongs to Allah alone. Soon He will show you His signs and you will recognize them. And your Lord is not unaware of what you do.