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89:1  Consider the dawn.
89:2  Consider the [first] ten nights [of the formal pilgrimage].
89:3  Consider the even and the odd.
89:4  Consider the passing night.
89:5  In these, can evidence not be found by those with understanding?
89:6  Have you not seen what your Lord did to the Ad?
89:7  [Have you not seen what He did] to Iram having lofty pillars?
89:8  [Those cities] were not like any other in the land.
89:9  [Consider] also the Thamud who cut through rocks in the valley.
89:10  [Consider] also Pharaoh, lord of stakes.
89:11  They sinned beyond boundaries in the lands.
89:12  [They] created chaos within.
89:13  Therefore, your Lord poured upon them a scourge of punishment.
89:14  Truly, your Lord is always watching.
89:15  As for the human, when his/her Lord tests him/her through generosity and favor, he/she (brags), “My Lord blesses me.”
89:16  But when He tests him/her by restricting provision, he/she (complains), “My Lord humiliates me.”
89:17  Ridiculous! Ridiculous! You do not even help the orphans!
89:18  You do not encourage one another to feed the poor!
89:19  You greedily devour inheritance.
89:20  You love wealth with an unhealthy love.
89:21  Oh, when Earth is pounded to smithereens!
89:22  [When] your Lord comes, along with angels, rank upon rank!
89:23  [When] Hell, that day, is presented! That is the day that humanity will remember. How will that remembrance be of value then?
89:24  A person will say, “Oh, if only I had invested in my life!”
89:25  That day, (God’s) punishment will be like no other affliction.
89:26  His containment will be like no other imprisonment.
89:27  [To the righteous soul will be said,] “O Soul at peace!
89:28  Return to Your Lord, well pleased and well pleasing to Him.
89:29  Enter and be among My servants.
89:30  Enter My Paradise!”