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89:1  By the dawn
89:2  and ten nights,
89:3  and the even and odd,
89:4  and the night when it travels on,
89:5  is there not in that an oath for the intelligent?
89:6  Do you not see what your Lord did with ´Ad —
89:7  Iram of the Columns
89:8  whose like was not created in any land —
89:9  and Thamud who carved out rocks in the valley-side,
89:10  and Pharaoh of the Stakes,
89:11  all of whom were tyrants in their lands
89:12  and caused much corruption in them?
89:13  So your Lord unleashed on them a scourging punishment;
89:14  your Lord is always lying in wait.
89:15  As for man, when his Lord tests him by honouring him and favouring him, he says, ´My Lord has honoured me!´
89:16  But then when He tests him by restricting his provision, he says, ´My Lord has humiliated me!´
89:17  No indeed! You do not honour orphans
89:18  nor do you urge the feeding of the poor;
89:19  you devour inheritance with voracious appetites
89:20  and you have an insatiable love of wealth.
89:21  No indeed! When the earth is crushed and ground to dust
89:22  and your Lord arrives with the angels rank upon rank
89:23  and that Day Hell is produced, that Day man will remember; but how will the remembrance help him?
89:24  He will say, ´Oh! If only I had prepared in advance for this life of mine!´
89:25  That Day no one will punish as He punishes
89:26  and no one will shackle as He shackles.
89:27  ´O self at rest and at peace,
89:28  return to your Lord, well-pleasing and well-pleased!
89:29  Enter among My slaves!
89:30  Enter My Garden.´