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89:1  By the dawn and its mystery and what it entails of religious rites
89:2  By the ten highly esteemed sacred nights
89:3  And by the contrasted yet related, the even and the odd
89:4  And by the night when it flows along its way, then it softly moves away
89:5  Is there not enough assertion in these corroboratory facts for those who ponder
89:6  Did you not see how Allah, Your Creator, dealt with the people of ‘Ad, the Adites; (said to be fifth generation of descendants of Noah
89:7  And with their city of Iram with its lofty and strong architectural pillars imposing, by reason of beauty coupled with magnitude that was indeed grand
89:8  The like of which was never created in the land
89:9  And how He dealt with the people of Thamud, who hewed out of the huge rocks in the valley outstanding buildings
89:10  And how He dealt with Pharaoh who impaled people on the stakes
89:11  All of whom practiced tyrannies in the land
89:12  They encouraged mischief therein and promoted an age of discord
89:13  In consequence did Allah, your Creator, requite them with. painful misfortunes which together with their principles and practice well accord
89:14  Allah your Creator is ever vigilant, He pays off the equivalent
89:15  When Allah tests man by crediting him with plenty, he immodestly says: "Allah, my Creator, has ministered to my necessities and honoured me with gratification
89:16  And when He tests him by restricting his means, he despairingly says: "Allah, my Creator, has disregarded me and reduced me to humiliation"
89:17  No, but you do not take good care of the orphan to make him feel comfortable and secure
89:18  Nor do you encourage benevolence to the indigent who is really poor
89:19  You eat greedily all you can get of the inheritance
89:20  And you love to hoard wealth inordinately
89:21  No, but indeed when the earth will be severely pounded
89:22  And there come Allah, your Creator, with His angels ranked in row after row
89:23  And then Hell is brought face to face, and there is no escape from the encounter with the infernal hiss and crackle of the flame. Now man remembers his deeds, but how late it is to hope for a better fate
89:24  He will wish he had done better in life than what he used to perpetrate
89:25  But then no one requites for sins the way Allah does
89:26  Nor does anyone bind in captivity the way Allah makes fast with bonds
89:27  "O you, the untroubled soul"
89:28  "Return to Allah, your Creator, pleased and blessed"
89:29  "Join My devotees"
89:30  "And take up your abode in My Paradise"