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80:1  He frowned and turned away,
80:2  When the blind man came to him.
80:3  And how can you tell that he might have purified himself,
80:4  Or remembered, so the remembrance benefited him?
80:5  As for him who is arrogant,
80:6  You busy yourself with him,
80:7  And it is not up to you whether he purifies himself.
80:8  And as for him who hurries towards you,
80:9  And fears,
80:10  You pay no attention to him,
80:11  No, it is a reminder.
80:12  So whoever pleases can remember it.
80:13  On distinguished pages,
80:14  Elevated and purified,
80:15  In the hands of ambassadors,
80:16  Dignified and dutiful.
80:17  So man is destroyed when he rejects it.
80:18  From what did He create him?
80:19  From a sperm He created him and shaped him.
80:20  Then He made the way easy for him.
80:21  Then He made him die and be buried.
80:22  Then, when He pleases, He resurrects him.
80:23  But no, he does not comply with what He ordered him.
80:24  So let man look at his food:
80:25  We made the water pour out,
80:26  Then We made the earth split open,
80:27  And grew greenery on it,
80:28  And grapes and fresh dates,
80:29  And olive trees and date palms,
80:30  And abundant enclosed gardens,
80:31  And fruit and fodder.
80:32  A provision for you and for your cattle.
80:33  Then, when the scream comes,
80:34  That day man will run away from his brother,
80:35  And his mother and his father,
80:36  And his spouse and his children.
80:37  Every one of them will have something to keep him busy that day.
80:38  Faces will be bright on that day,
80:39  Laughing and happy,
80:40  And faces will be covered in dust that day,
80:41  Impurity will cover them,
80:42  Those are the immoral ones who rejected (the truth).