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80:1  He frowned and turned away
80:2  because the blind man came to him.
80:3  For all you know, he might have developed spiritually,
80:4  or listened, and the Reminder benefitted him.
80:5  But as for the one who thinks he is self-sufficient,
80:6  you paid special attention.
80:7  You aren’t responsible if he fails to purify himself spiritually.
80:8  But as for the one who came rushing to you,
80:9  whilst fearful of his Lord,
80:10  you ignored him.
80:11  Indeed the Quran is a Reminder,
80:12  for the one who wants to be reminded;
80:13  it is kept in scrolls, which are honoured,
80:14  raised and purified,
80:15  written by the hands of angels
80:16  who are noble and righteous
80:17  Humans have ruined themselves by being unthankful.
80:18  What sort of thing did He create them from?
80:19  A drop of semen, He created them then assigned their destiny,
80:20  then by making their way smooth in life enabled them.
80:21  Then He lets them die and be buried.
80:22  Then when He wants, He shall resurrect them.
80:23  Unfortunately, they didn’t do what Allah commanded them.
80:24  So let humans look at the food they eat closely;
80:25  We let the rain pour down,
80:26  then We split open the ground
80:27  to produce cereals,
80:28  grapes, vegetation,
80:29  olives, date palms,
80:30  densely-populated orchards,
80:31  fruits and fodder
80:32  what a sustenance for you and your animals
80:33  When the Deafening Blast comes,
80:34  that Day a person will flee from his brother,
80:35  mother, father,
80:36  spouse and children.
80:37  That Day, everyone will be concerned just about themself.
80:38  Some faces that Day will be shining,
80:39  laughing and rejoicing.
80:40  But other faces that Day will be covered with dust,
80:41  darkness restricting them.
80:42  The darkened faces of the disobedient disbelievers