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80:1  He frowned and turned ˹his attention˺ away,
80:2  ˹simply˺ because the blind man came to him ˹interrupting˺.
80:3  You never know ˹O Prophet˺, perhaps he may be purified,
80:4  or he may be mindful, benefitting from the reminder.
80:5  As for the one who was indifferent,
80:6  you gave him your ˹undivided˺ attention,
80:7  even though you are not to blame if he would not be purified.
80:8  But as for the one who came to you, eager ˹to learn˺,
80:9  being in awe ˹of Allah˺,
80:10  you were inattentive to him.
80:11  But no! This ˹revelation˺ is truly a reminder.
80:12  So let whoever wills be mindful of it.
80:13  It is ˹written˺ on pages held in honour—
80:14  highly esteemed, purified—
80:15  by the hands of angel-scribes,
80:16  honourable and virtuous.
80:17  Condemned are ˹disbelieving˺ humans! How ungrateful they are ˹to Allah˺!
80:18  From what substance did He create them?
80:19  He created them from a sperm-drop, and ordained their development.
80:20  Then He makes the way easy for them,
80:21  then causes them to die and be buried.
80:22  Then when He wills, He will resurrect them.
80:23  But no! They have failed to comply with what He ordered.
80:24  Let people then consider their food:
80:25  how We pour down rain in abundance
80:26  and meticulously split the earth open ˹for sprouts˺,
80:27  causing grain to grow in it,
80:28  as well as grapes and greens,
80:29  and olives and palm trees,
80:30  and dense orchards,
80:31  and fruit and fodder—
80:32  all as ˹a means of˺ sustenance for you and your animals.
80:33  Then, when the Deafening Blast comes to pass—
80:34  on that Day every person will flee from their own siblings,
80:35  and ˹even˺ their mother and father,
80:36  and ˹even˺ their spouse and children.
80:37  For then everyone will have enough concern of their own.
80:38  On that Day ˹some˺ faces will be bright,
80:39  laughing and rejoicing,
80:40  while ˹other˺ faces will be dusty,
80:41  cast in gloom—
80:42  those are the disbelievers, the ˹wicked˺ sinners.